AUSTRALIA : Troubled Australian tennis star. Nick Krygios said he has finally found a purpose in life and-

Will build a facility for disadvantaged kids after being struck by the death of a young boy from cancer.

The combustible but talented 22-year old, who had another meltdown in losing the China open final to Rafael Nadal on Sunday, has long struggled with his demons, repeatedly losing focus  mid-match  and arguing with fans and umpires.

He has made no bones about not taking tennis seriously enough, and on Monday said it was down to feeling like he had no real purpose in life.

Now he has one.

''You've no doubt noticed that I'm not all that good at hiding the fact I'd be somewhere else a lot of the time. So, what have I been doing it for?'' he wrote in www.playersvoice.com.au, a website for sportspeople to air their views.

''You hear people talk about being motivated for their kids, or a cause, or more than just themselves,'' he said.

''It's an inspiration, pure and simple, and it gives them focus when times are tough. There's a reason under-pinning everything. It's a higher purpose than just collecting a paycheck.

I haven't had that and I've always been envious of those who did. I think I've found my purpose in the last couple of months. I'm building something.''

The world number 10 revealed he had a vision several years ago to create somewhere for disadvantaged and underprivileged kids to ''hang out'', be safe and feel like they were part of a family.''

There would be tennis courts, basketball courts, a gym, a sports field to kick a football, food and beds.

''It's all I have been thinking  about outside Tennis since then.'' he said, adding, that he and his family were scooping out land in Melbourne and looking for organizations to partner with.''


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