By : Ali Aizaz Zahid

Valetta : Slain Malta's journalist's sons dismiss reward, and tell the Prime Minister to quit.

The sons of a murdered Maltese journalist on  Thursday, dismissed Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's offer of a reward to help find her killers and called for him to quit.

Muscat has ruled out quitting and has vowed to bring those responsible for killing a reporter he has described as his  ''greatest adversary''  to justice, with the help of FBI investigators.

On Wednesday last, Muscat told parliament that the government would put up a  ''substantial and unprecedented reward''  for information leading to a conviction over  Monday's car bomb killing of anti-corruption campaigner Dapline Caruana  Galzia.

Her sons revealed that the government was putting up a million euros, but said they would not bow to pressure to endorse the idea.

''We are not interested in a criminal conviction only for the people in the government  who stood to gain from our mother's murder to turn around and say that justice has been served,''they said.

''The Prime Minister asked for our endorsement. This is how he can get it : show political responsibility and resign.''

The World Student Society agrees with this and will watch the case very closely.


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