By: Ali Aizaz Zahid

Last Formula One race in the country took place last Sunday:

Prime Minster Najib Rezak on Sunday said  Formula One could return to Malaysia and pledged the  Sepang circuit will not become a ''white elephant''.

Speaking before the final edition of Malaysian Grand Prix, which began in 1999, Najib said the loss-making race could return if the  ''economic conditions'' were right.

''The economic viability of it is less attractive, as we decided to terminate it,'' Najib told reporters. ''But it does not mean it cannot be reconsidered sometime in the future provided-

The economic set of  conditions is deemed to be favourable.''

PM Najib said that there was a  ''sentimental kind of feeling'' about the last edition of a race which helped raise Malaysia's profile around the world.

''But it is time to call it a day although we have benefited from hosting the FI. It has been a kind of diminishing returns for us,'' he said.

PM Najib's remarks come after, the Sepang circuit's CEO. Razian Razali, told AFP  -it will be minimum of five years before Malaysia even contemplates bringing back the race.

Malaysia's government, who have bankrolled the event since its inception, in April announced they were no longer prepared to shell out $67 million a year to stage it.


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