Rawalpindi-Pakistan  :  A district court approved a compromise between the murder suspects, victims family after virtual appearance.

As cinemagoers throng multiplexes to watch second edition of  'Blade Runner' the ground breaking 1982 film by Ridley Scott,-

One of the gadgets it prophecised over 30 years ago is making a profound mark in the real world today.

In a major leap forward in incorporating digital technology in dispensing justice in Pakistan-

A district court in Rawalpindi has acquitted two absconders living abroad after recording their statements online-

Through social media  applications  -video voice calls were demonstrated in the classic sci-fi thriller, along with Artificial Intelligence  -after they reached a compromise with the prosecution in a  murder case.

Though there have been several instances where the courts have recorded testimonies through video-links-

The logical next step in the adoption of video voice  calls- but this, perhaps is the first time when a court had concluded- a case and-

Passed judgement in the virtual presence of the accused and the actual presence of parties in the courtroom.


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