Headline October 08, 2017/ ''' *DIRTIEST CITIES DESPAIRS* '''


*YOU & YEE* THE STUDENTS of Proud Pakistan, stop and go take a look at your cities  - and then try swallowing some disgraceful and shameful despair.

Do Look at your :Inner Rawalpindi, and then try trapeze-ing through to your Churr arena on the Peshawar road, check Lalkurti, scurry through like a Lizard and check Islamabad's suburbs-

Check, Banni Galla, where your beloved Leader Kaptaan. Imran Khan lives. Checks his residence's outer periphery, and swing the Korang road, and try smelling  Jillani area and Bahra Kahu. Peshawar? Lahore? 

What systems are you talking here with me :  Water? PublicTransport? Public amenities?  Drains, Pollution, Parking? Waste Management ? Living/ Burial? :

Rabo?  Dee?  Haleema? Eman? SaimaArmeen? Seher? Hussain? Ali? Faraz? Umer? Ali Hassan? Wajahat? Ehsen? Mustafa? Haider? Furqan?  

And on Karachi, if you all  so wish, I will let you contact Haider Naqvi, Rumi, Nisar, Hammad Peerzada, Nusrat Hussain., Hanif Ghaniwala 
Best You All Wake Up? 


' The filth and the stench have made us infamous across the country and in the world,'' said Durgesh Misrha, gesturing desolately at a crater in the road by his house, which is now filled with dirty water and buzzing with mosquitoes and wretchedness.

''It is a really pathetic state of affairs. We've been rated as  India's diritiest city ever   -just look around and you can see it's a perfect ranking. 


Most locals hope the ''dirtiest city'' accolade will shame politicians into action and break the cycle of civic apathy and utter corruption, which is blamed for this unending and even growing shameful mess.

So incontinuation, do you all wish that I continue and cover Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Thailand. Nepal?..............
Summarily, I turn..........

MANY-MOST -  MOST OF the world's great cities,........most of the world's beautiful cities are nothing  -but  horrible  misery dumps because of cars.

Proud Pakistan, [the Students and I am now convinced]...  has long accepted this fact as fate's cruel underpinning, and given up on solving this suffering long, long time, ago.... 

Montreal : Stephen King's 2014  thriller opens with a prophetic scene of horror. In an unnamed  Midwestern city, a Mercedes sedan accelerates toward people gathered for a job fair outside a downtown auditorium.

The psychopathic driver plows into the crowd with a ''two-ton piece of German engineering,'' then speeds away, leaving 15 injured and eight dead.

In two-record incidents, real-life events caught up with the novelist's noirish vision. In Charllottesville, Va., a 20 year old Ohio man with reported ties to white nationalists is accused of-

Driving a Dodge Challenger into a crowd of antiracist protester on a pedestrian mall, leading to crash that injured 19 and killed a 32-year old woman.

Then, in a horrific attack in Barcelona, Spain, the Fiat van raced down a popular pedestrian promenade, Las Ramblas, killing 14 people.  .   

But those two attacks were only the latest to demonstrate the automobile's potential as an instrument of mass murder as imagined by Mr. King. 

Trucks and vans have been driven into crowds on the waterfront promenade in Nice, France and bridges over the Thames in London, in Berlin's Christmas market and Stockholm's shopping district, and outside a North London mosque.

Hate-filled extremists are not the only ones sending vehicles hurtling into crowds. In January, a mentally disturbed man behind the wheel of a stolen car was charged with the murder of six people on mall in Melbourne, Australia.

In May, prosecutors say, a man who was high on PCP careened into a busy sidewalk in Times Square in New York injuring 10 people and killing an 18 year old student/tourist.

In the last three years, at least 14 vehicle-ramming attacks, as they are known, have claimed 129 lives in the West:

[To these deaths must be added the day-to-day hecatomb of pedestrians and cyclists felled by motor vehicles; more than 28, 600 people in the United States between 2010 and 2015].

The appeal of such attacks to terrorists is obvious. Unlike guns and bombs, the weapon of choice is easy to come by without attracting law-enforcement suspicion.

And with a car or truck, these killers can achieve large body counts in the heart of  any metropolis. 

All that's needed to produce mayhem is unimpeded access to urban crowds  -which is why so many of these attacks have occurred in part pedestrianized areas.

Crowded pedestrian zones like Las Ramblas, the Thames waterfront and Charlottesville's downtown mall are not going away. Nor should they. 

In a century that is seeing a renewed love affair with the city, these public spaces   -which are central to our hopes for progress and  prosperity  -are growing ever more vital.

But it should take a security consultant to explain the obvious : 

The very thing that makes them revitalized city centers so attractive to visit and to live and work in is what also makes them attractive targets for terrorists, and even the plain deranged.

The most obvious solution would be to ban vehicles from these zones. And many cities in Europe are taking this approach, extending the areas from which vehicle are prohibited.

Copenhagen was a pioneer : The vast downtown pedestrian zone known as the Stroget has been already expanded since cars were first banned there in 1962.

[Trucks are given access before shops open to make deliveries].

In the run up to Christmas last year, Madrid experimented with banning cars from a vast downtown area.

[Cabs, buses and resident vehicles were allowed].

And Dee, and Zilli, can you both fill me in on this info : Does Standard & Poor have an index on Dirties Cities of the World? Why not?

The Honor and Serving of the  latest Operational Research on Life and Quality continues. The World Students Society thanks and appreciates the research and authorship from Taras Grescow

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Good Night and God Bless

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