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*CANTER'S* '''

'' *HELLO - HELLO* :  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and First Family''. For explaining the eerie beauty of these beautiful words, well, well.............

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So, on the Hello, to His Excellency the Canadian Prime Minister, well, that's me, paying respects to a very loved, and admired Leader the whole wide world over. 

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HEY. ALI........Hi, hi.......... By the way. Amazon's Alexa has asked me to remind you to call........With an Amazon Echo speaker TODAY,-

The students can talk to Alexa, the virtual assistant that powers the device-
And asks it to play songs, order diapers and even turn on your very brand new air-conditioner.

Now Amazon wants you to do more than talk to Alexa. It also wants you to call friends and family through Echo speakers, and it is even putting a screen on one of the devices so that you can see people while talking to them.

EXPERTS in hot fields seek alternative as U.S. puts new focus on immigration.

With immigration taking center stage in American politics and elsewhere, all great technology talent looks to Canada.

''If we look back 10 years from now, I'd be surprised if the Trump effect didn't show up in the data,'' said Joshua Gans, a professor in the Rotman School of Management at the  University of Toronto.

Immigration is a linchpin in  Canada's  economic policy. One-fifth of the country's population of 36 million is foreign born.

Canada has dozens of provincial and federal programs, but a priority is placed on high skilled workers and entrepreneurs, often with points assigned to for specialized expertise, education and language proficiency.

Trends in actual immigration will take time to show up conclusively, but the early evidence of a trump effect is most apparent in a field like artificial intelligence, where Canada has been at the forefront of innovation and is seeking to build a large A.I. industry.

Not only are Canadian A.I. startups now building on interest in immigration and on homegrown talent, but-

Major American technology companies, including Google, Microsoft and IBM, have also been adding to their A.I. research teams in Canada.

The ride hailing service UBER announced just recently that it was opening a branch of its  advanced technologies group in Toronto, the company's first outside the United States.

The lab which will develop self-driving cars technology, will be led by........ Raquel Urtasun, an expert in computer vision at the University of Toronto.

Canada has well funded programs intended not only to lure A.I. experts to the country, but also to persuade A.I. researcher, educated at Canadian universities-

*To remain in Canada rather than depart for Silicon Valley, as so many have done before*.

*The nation's policy makers also want to persuade expatriate engineers and entrepreneurs to return to Canada*-

And the political climate has influenced some to do so.

Ross Intelligence, an A.I. start-up landed in Toronto. moved to San Francisco Area two years ago for the business and funding opportunities in the tech world's hotbed.  

But last month, Ross, whose software can read through thousands of legal documents and rank relevant cases for lawyers, opened an office in Toronto;

Five members of its team, including senior engineers and two cofounders, are moving from San Francisco to Canada.

The group includes two Canadians, a Brazilian, a Belgian and an American. 

The Toronto outpost, said Jimoh Ovbiagele, a  co-founder and chief technology officer of Ross, ''allows us to really recruit from the global talent pool.''

The Honor and Serving of the latest  Operational Research on Talent, Technology,  Governance, Trends  and State of the world continues.

With much appreciation from the World Students Society for researcher, and author Steve Lohr.

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