Headline Oct. 21/ ''' *WHEN SCHOOLS FAIL* '''


THE WORLD AT LARGE, AND MANY, many respective and co-related nations have terriblLY  faiLED children./ students in poor countries..........

PROUD Pakistan : And, master researcher and statistician, Zilli, ever the dry wit and a glorious skeptic is quick to drive home her point to me-

By showing me a recent photo of students : girls and boys, knees bent, clawing over a sewage drain in Rehmatabad, on the way to school. 

ISLAMABAD : OVER 100 schools and colleges in the Federal Directorate of Education functioning without principals. 

Which obviously means that the objectives of the Prime Minister's Education Reforms  [PMERP] remain unfulfilled due to this issue.

According to the reality check, vice principals hold temporary charge in 12 percent of these schools and colleges. The rest are functioning without any administrative head.

The documents reveal that currently, a total of 91 male BPS-18 principals are present in  155 FDE  model schools and colleges. In this way 64, institutions are functioning without heads. 

I order urgent instructions : 

''Zilli, track down, Engineer Basharat Akber Khan/ Lawrence College, recipient of many Victor Laudrum honors,......... Sword-of- Honor, from the Pakistan's Super Army-

Formerly Engineering Elemental Head U.A.E., Managing Director Highways at KPK, with top scores from all courses in U.K., and U.S.A. to consider heading-
The World Students Society's Board in Rawalpindi, and Islamabad and Attock District, on *Education and Vision*.

With a burdened heart, I  stop and lighten up, as, Zilli, reads out to me and the thousands of students who have gathered around me by reading a quote from author Ayesha Siddiqa :

''I suggest next year Pakistan should be given a Nobel Prize to get all those sufferings from hyper anxiety over Malala to rest in peace.'' 

With a laugh, and some wisecracks, I backtrack to research......... to learn from master researcher and highly respected author : Nicholas Kristof       

BUCHANAN, LIBERIA : Imagine an elementary school where students show up, but teachers don't. 

Where 100 students squeeze into a classroom but don't get any books. Where teachers are sometimes illiterate and periodically abuse students.

Where families pay under the table to get a ''free'' education, yet students don't learn to read.

''That's Ladies and Gentlemen public education in many, many, many poor countries.

And it's why the hostility of American teachers unions and some of their progressive supporters to  trials of private management of public schools abroad is so misconceived.

THIS COUNTRY, LIBERIA, is leading an important experiment in helping kids learn in poor countries -and it's undermined by misguided Americans, including some liberals.

''The status has failed,'' George Werner, Liberia's education minister told me. ''Teachers don't show up, even though they are paid by the government There are no books. Training is very weak. School infrastructure is not safe.

''We have to do something radical,'' he added.

So Liberia is handing over some public schools to Bridge International Academies, a private company backed by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, to see of it can do better.

So far, it seems it can -much better. 

An intern study just completed shows Bridge Schools easily outperforming government-run schools in Liberia, and a randomized trial is expected to confirm that finding. 

It would be odd if schools with teachers and books didn't outperform schools without them.

If the experiment continues to succeed, Liberia's education minister would like to hand over  ''as many schools as possible'' to private providers. Countries in Asia and Africa are also interested in adopting this model.

The idea of turning over public schools in a for-profit company sparks outrage in some quarters.

There's particular hostility to Bridge, because it runs hundreds of schools, both public and private, in poor and very poor countries.

[It's private schools in other countries charge families about $7 a month].

''Bridge's for-profit educational model is robbing students of a good education,'' Lady Ekelsen Garcia, president of the National Education International which represents-

The N.E.A. and other teacher's union around the world, similarly excoriates Bridge and the Liberian government..

I understand critics' fears  [and share some about for-profit schools in the U.S]. 

They see handing over to Bridge as dismantling the public education system -one of the best ideas in human history -for private profit.

But I've followed Bridge  for years my wife and I wrote about it in our mast book, and the concerns are misplaced.

Bridge has always lost money, so no one is monetizing children/students.  

In fact, it's a start-up that tackles a social problem in ways similar to a nonprofit, but with for-profit status that makes it more sustainable and scalable.

The Honor and Serving of the latest ''Operational Research'' on Education continues.

With respectful dedication to Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of Proud Liberia, Proud Pakistan, the Developing World, and then the world. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society and.................

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