ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY -the students of the entire planet must stop and consider, and evaluate and learn, and force themselves, *TO THINK BIG*.......... 

Are we thinking Big Enough? Are we thinking great thoughts and great honors all in the service of Mankind and for the future generations.

POST GLOBAL ELECTIONS -held UNDER the auspices and honor of the great students of America, every single country in the world- will have its very own organization and structure. 

With God's blessings : The World Students Society will grow into the most democratic organization Mankind has every known. The biggest of the political party in the world : but a blip on and for !WOW!.

WHILE in some countries, like Italy, you get paid leave to take care of a sick dog, in the Developing World a human life has regressed to negative value. 

It will take many years of sacrifices and hard work to get to a ZERO? To get to the base line?

Merium? Rabo? Seher? Haleema? Zilli? Dee? Malala? Saima? Sarah? Lakshmi/India?Dantini/Malaysia? Iqra? Armeen? Eman? Shahzaib? Hussain? Ahsen? Sanyia? Zainab?

Marwin/Germany? Zeni/NZ? Juniper/Japan? Salar? Bilal? Jordan/US? ZaeemFaraz? Umair Nasir? UmerAdil Cheema? Danyial/UK? Kwon/South Korea? Toby/China? Vishnu/India? 

Shahryar Alamgir Khan? Haider? Iqsa? Hazeem? Reza/Canada? Tooba? Ghazi? Shahbano

And God's little Angels: Maynah? Ibrahim? Maria? Harem? Hannyia? Merium

AT THE START of this decade the Arab Spring blossomed with the help of social media. That is the sort of story........

The technology industry loves to tell about itself : It is bringing freedom, enlightenment and a better future for all mankind.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook co-founder, proclaimed that this was exactly why his social network existed. In 2012 manifesto for investors, he said Facebook was a tool to create :

''A more honest and transparent dialogue around government.'' The result, he said, would be ''better solutions to some of the biggest problems of our time.''

Now technology companies are under fire for creating problems instead of solving them. At the top of the list is Russian interference in the United States presidential election last year.

SOCIAL MEDIA might have originally promised liberation, but it proved an even more useful tool for the stoking anger. The manipulation was so efficient and so well-disguised that the companies themselves barely noticed it was happening.

The election was far from the only area of concern. Tech companies have accrued a tremendous amount of power and influence.

Amazon determines how people shop,Google how they acquire knowledge. Facebook how they communicate. All of them are making decisions about who gets a digital megaphone and who should be unplugged from the web.

The concentration of authority resembles the divine right of Kings and is creating a backlash that is still gathering force

''FOR 10 YEARS -even more than 10 years to be precise, the argument in tech were about which chief executive was more like Jesus..

Which one was going to run for president. Who did the best job convincing the work force to lean in,'' said Scott Galloway, a professor at the New York University School of Business. 

''Now sentiments are shifting. The worm has turned.''

News is dripping out of Facebook. Twitter and now Google about how their advertising and publishing systems were harnessed by the Russian during the 2016 elections.

On Nov 1, the Senate Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing on the matter. It is unlikely to enhance the companies reputation.

Under growing pressure, the companies are mounting a public-relations blitz. Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook's chief operating officer, was in Washington last week-

Meeting with lawmakers and making public mea culpas about things happened during the election. ''that should not have happened''.

SUNDAR PICHAL, Google's chief executive was in Piitsburgh on Thursday talking about the ''large gaps in opportunity across the U.S.'' and announcing a $1 billion grand program to promote jobs.

Underlying the meet-and-greets is the reality that that the Internet long ago became a business, which means the companies the first imperative is to do right by their shareholders.

Ross Baird, president of the venture capital firm Village Capital, noted that when the news organization ProPublica tried last month to buy targeted ads for ''Jew Haters'' on Facebook-

The platform did not question, whether this was a bad idea -it asked the buyers how they would like to pay.

''For all the lip service that Silicon Valley has given to changing the world, its ultimate focus has been on what it can monetize, ''Mr. Bard said.

Criticism of tech is nothing new, of course.

In a Newsweek jeremiad in 1995 titled :

''Why the Web won't Be Nirvana,'' the astronomer Clifford Stoll pointed out that ''every voice can be heard cheaply and instantly'' on the Usenet bulletin boards, that era's !WOW!, Twitter and Facebook.

''The result? '' he wrote :

''Every voice is heard. The cacophony more closely resembles citizens band radio, complete with handles, harassment and anonymous threats. When most everyone shouts, few listen.'' 

The Honor and Serving of the latest ''Operational Research'' on Giants of Technology, Giants, and the state of the world, continues. And the World Students Society thanks researcher and author David Streitfeld.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders of the Free World, Grand Parents Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW! -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' The Planet '''

Good Night and God Bless

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