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*AT THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY* -two pristine and brave thinkers Students Hussain Ali, from Proud Pakistan, and Marvin Westerveld from Germany-

Are already out in the *Wilderness of Heavens*, scouting, trekking, filming, analysing, learning, costing, reasoning and rejecting. 

They plan to master logistics......K-2? They have been away for 4 days already. Last heard that they were just about beyond any human networks, well beyond Swat, Malam,..............Hussain, says, Amazing - Amazing.

What they determine, what they reason and conclude, will define the next steps. And one step being,  

How to work up great mountain trekking, and skiing, and tourist packages -for all over Pakistan, for the students of the entire world.......

Will Kaptaan Imran Khan, and the government consider giving the students of the world   - *a free moving around zone up*  in the mountains around Swat, KPK province?.................. 

SO, Lawyer International Law :  Qazi Ahmed Akber Khan/ Lawrence College/ NUST/ University of Warwick ?  Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation?  Teacher Adil Cheema? All Professors and Teachers of the world?........... . 

WELL, Time enough for the students of the world, to pull out their passports, get savings pooled,  and re-acquaint with your travelling agent. 

For those students thinking travelling after a long lapse or even for the first time, this is where the world and technology non stands................   

THE GETAWAY : AND TRY meeting your next travel agent as Human Knowledge mixes with artificial intelligence to refine recommendations.

UNLIKE BIG, impersonal online agencies, the best travel agents know a great deal about their clients and their travel choices.

NOW, several new travel companies are creating data-driven, automated agents that rely on users'  personal preferences to make the planning process easier.

Whether they use  human knowledge or artificial intelligence [or both], these next-generation travel agents do the-

Search-calling for you, tailoring the result for your stated preferences and potentially cutting down on web-browsing time.

They also use text-messaging as their primary communications mode, often via a chatbot.

''Rather than going into an online travel agency and doing a search and seeing a list of 150 hotels, you enter in your profile what you're looking for-

And a chatbot serves up a curated list of three or four in a messaging interface.'' said Douglass Quinby, a senior vice president at the travel research firm Phocuswright. 

''The ideal is fewer options more tailored to your request.''

Most of these services are challenging the do-it-yourself systems of browsing as offered by services like Expedia, New-wave agents -human, robotic or a combination-

Will also allow users to continue a search overtime, rather than start anew with a browser each session.

''This is very much the early Alpha stage of all of this,'' said Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst, ''It's very much the first wave, which is exciting, but the use of artificial intelligence is far from established and also, frankly, far from perfect.''

The following pioneers are tinkering with the way the travel is planned and booked, with payment models that vary from subscription to pay-per-use. 


Doing a blend of technology and human interaction, Pana caters to frequent travellers, charging $49 a month for its services, available around the clock.

Computer programs and funnel requests and member profiles, including past trips, to human agents who text back.

''Pana was born out of two pain points,'' said Devon Tivona, its chief executive. ''First of all the technology pulled me away from just emailing to get something done because I've become my own travel agent. Second is getting access to real-time help.''

On the human end of the neo-agency spectrum, Savanti Travel tend to its clients plans as the founders, Dan Lack and Leigh Rowan, said they do their own, with eye to serving money and monitoring loyalty programs.

''It's our strategy not just a computer's.'' said Mr. Rowan, describing the service as managing airline  and hotel booking not just to travel cheaply but to accrue status with travel companies.

''The downside of working with us is the onboarding is intense. We get to know you as a human, not just a set of data points.''

Membership fees start at $1,000  a  month for unlimited travel planning which they say eliminates  the conflict of interest inherent in a commission -based system, where revenue rises with more  expensive bookings.

They recommend status-conferring credit cards, and help manage the programs to use  points for free travel.


More accessible to casual travelers, free travel planning like brick-and-mortar travel agencies, make their money through commissions.

Originally launched in 2015 as a personal assistant tackling tasks like shaping and travel exclusively last year.  
The Honor and Serving of the latest  ''Operational Research''  on Tourism, Travelling, Technology and Students Delights, continues.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on  !WOW!  -the World Students Society and.... Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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