Child Abuse Report

Child abuse is a crime which is committed by individuals who are frustrated by their own lives.

Abusing a child is as serious crime as killing a person because a child is soft by nature and any abuse that he or she goes through in early stages of life, leaves a lasting imprint on its mind for always.

Child abuse occurs in various forms. In extreme cases a girl child is found raped, some children are beaten up by their parents and at times school teachers. As a matter of fact, child labour is also a form of continuous child abuse.

Child sexual abuse 'disturbingly common' in India.

A 2013 report India's Hell Holes: Child Sexual Assault in Juvenile Justice Homes by the Asian Centre for Human Rights, stated that more than 48,000 child rape cases were recorded from 2001 to 2011.

Despite these statistics there continues to be a huge silence.


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