Two of Britain's  boldest and wealthiest entrepreneurs are trying to break into a very, very tough league.

James Dyson, best known for  innovative vacuum cleaners, said recently that he was  preparing to introduce a new electric car and  had 400 people working on the project.

And Jim Ratcliffe, a billionaire petrochemical executive, is so upset about Jaguar Land Rover's  decision to end production of the  Defender-

That he said he would put a healthy slice of his fortune into producing what he calls  ''a spiritual successor''  to the classic vehicle of explorers and safaris.

These new projects, announced within a couple of weeks of each other, sent a burst of excitement through the  British car industry -

Which has been worried about  the fallout from Britain's plans to leave the European Union trading block.

The Daily Mail, a large circulation tabloid, even said that Dyson's  plans ''would pose a threat to the  Silicon Valley giant, Tesla.''   

But breaking into car business is far more complex than it might appear at first glance.

A new car maker must design the vehicle and figure out how manufacture it  and that is only the beginning.

Success requires a number of  to-dos : effective marketing, a dealer network, and, perhaps, arranging a buyer financing.

''There is a huge list,'' said  Peter Wells, a professor at Cardiff Business School in Wales.

''That has been one of the reasons why the barrier to entry in the automotive industry have been relatively high.''

But, well, British have their dreams, look to past and future.


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