Tanzania: Majority Girls Missing School During Periods

A survey by the ‘Daily News’ in Geita District, Tanzania found out that most schools are lacking clean water and menstrual sanitary facilities forcing majority of girls out of school during their menses.

“We have 48 girls enrolled in Standard Seven alone, but a quarter of them go missing in class for four to five days a week due to menstrual related issues,” says Magdaline Singano, a Matron at Nyalwazanja Primary School in Nyamwaga rural area, Geita District.

At Lwamgasa Secondary School, about five girls in an average class are absent at any given day - menstrual challenges being the main factor.

“Our school lacks permanent menstrual facility kits to offer girls hygiene services,” said  School’s Matron Ms Atupakisye Megreth.

Schools also lack proper sanitary systems.

Nyalwazanja Primary School alone has 662 girls, but has only seven latrine pits that serve all the girls. One pit is being shared by 95 girls. “The pits are not even in good condition,” said the School Matron.

A UNESCO report estimates that one in ten girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses school during their menstrual cycle.


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