Hungary will do well to remember its hospitality to the people of Eastern Europe as the Iron Curtain  cracked:

Another summer has passed, and still there seems to be no lasting solution to one of the  great humanitarian conundrums of our time :

How to resettle the thousands of migrants who continue to risk dangerous passage across Mediterranean in search of sanctuary from violence in the Middle East and Africa.

It is indisputably a difficult problem, but it has not been made easier by the inhospitable attitudes of some of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe -Hungary in particular - which have stubbornly blocked entry to refugees.

This is a shame., given that back in 1989, Hungary led the way in opening its borders to let the people of Communist-ruled Eastern Europe move freely between East and West.

Effectively throwing its lot in with the West, Hungary declared then that it was guided :

''By generally accepted principles of human rights and humanitarian consideration.''


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