Headline September 22, 2017/ ''' *FOOD -PAIN- FURY* '''

''' *FOOD -PAIN- FURY* '''

MILLION & MILLION TONS OF FOOD, every single day, -goes directly to waste bins despite the presence of billions of hungry people.

FRANCE has passed a unanimous law that binds supermarkets to either dish out unsold food to charity or dispatch it to farmers for using it as a feed and fertilizers for the budding crops.

INDIA :  A STUDY CONDUCTED by India Times in August 2017 farther raises the world's eyebrows. India wastes 67 million tons of food every year.

ENOUGH,......... enough  to feed the entire population of Egypt for one full year.  Chicken and egg producing hens must be shell shocked when five million eggs crack or corrode only for lack of cold storages.

In His Wild Palms, Paul Faulkner wrote ''Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain.''

In the South Asian social context, we choose the experience of nothing and we have no pain for losing huge quantum of foods for nothing.

Many pains have been ours but many of us are oblivious to the tweaks and traumas caused by them. We simply wait for their transmutation into catastrophic calamities.

PAKISTAN  - INDIA  - BANGLADESH  despite hosting millions by millions of hungry men, women and children still waste substantial amount of food they produce without transferring it to the hungry, malnourished and dying.

Despite local connotations, food waste production has been assigned tangible targets under United Nations SDG 12 to be achieved by 2030.
''United Nations make it clear by 2030, to halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post harvest losses.''   
These goals can only be triumphed if companies and all countries agree to act together.

*UN's Food and Agricultural Organization  [FAO] and {2017} reveals that Pakistan's 40% food goes not to stay in the tummy but in the waste bin, it mixes up directly in the soil where the luxury of bin is not available*. 

More surprise comes when on average each person wastes 250 grams of food during during marriage functions.

DEVELOPED COUNTRIES are not altogether different, FAO further stimulates that they also waste 40% of food items and their collective....... 1.3 billions tons of food goes to waste annually.

Nearly 925 million people suffer from  hunger  around the world. The amount of food lost every year equivalent to 60% of the world's annual cereal crops.

A very recent study conducted by the Bangladesh's Financial Express shows that food loss reflects irresponsible consumer behaviour., inappropriate infrastructure and storage facility, poor engineering and agricultural practices.

UN's FAO recognizes food wastage at levels of agricultural production, post-harvest handling and storage, processing and distribution and consumption.

The Guardian [2017] portrays a more dismal picture of  India, where the overall status is ''damn serious''. 

*India remains home to a quarter of the world's under nourished people but still wastes more than  $4.5 billion of fruits and vegetables only in a year*.

Even in the United States, 40% of the food goes uneaten

Among other Asian economies, China and India cause a loss of  1.3 billion tonnes of food annually.

Russia tops the list in overall food waste agriculture  production, poultry and milk production whereas India ranks at seven.

India ranks 97 among 118 countries in Global Hunger Index [GHI] with 200 Indians sleeping hungry on every night yet 21 million tonnes of wheat are wasted instead of reaching to the hungry.

A study conducted by India Times in August 2017 further raises eyebrows; India wastes 67 million tonnes of food every year, enough to feed the entire population of Egypt for one year.

Chicken and eggs producing hens must be shell-shocked  when 5 million eggs crack or corrode only for lack of cold storage.

Columbia University's Dr. Denning refers to the situation as ''Indian Enigma'' recent high growth rate has made little impact on high hunger numbers.

The Honor and Serving of the latest ''Operational Research'' on the State of the world, hunger, pain and suffering continues.............

With respectful dedication to all the  ''Poor & Hungry'' of the world, and then the Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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