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*ON SAM DAILY TIMES   :   THE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS*,......So far, I have  failed horribly,  to locate the  'stats'   on readers from Somalia. 

I think and fear that it is Zero. My conjectures and intuitions never seem to fail me, especially,  when the outcome is horrible. Which, I reckon, it is. 

Eman/LUMS? Haleema? Saima? Ambassador Malala [Nobel Prize] Hussain?   Zainab? Sanyia, Nina, Sarah,  Zilli?   Zara?  And And with that, I stop.   and  look towards`student :

Seher Alamgir Khan  from Kings College, UK,  to consider overseeing the African rim for !WOW!..... The students out there,  don't have a prayer in life. Seher ought to get them acquainted with the World Students Society : 
Burundi, Chad,Somalia, Madagascar, ...............on and on I can go.  

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MOGADISHU -  SOMALIA : THIS IS what hunger looks like, ever and more. And Again. 

The entwining of wars and famine has multiplied-The magnitude of death and the growing misery of displacement in Somalia. 

So, as I waited for my ride to collect me from the Mogadishu airport, an officer told me an apocryphal tale :

A starving goat, blind from hunger, mistook a baby wrapped in a green cloth for grass and bit off a mouthful of emaciated flesh from the baby's upper arm.

The baby's anguished cry brought the mother to her knees and she wept in prayer.

The next day, a friend I met in Mogadishu repeated a variation of the same tale. To seek enlightenment, I go about asking everybody I meet?

Mrs Sajida Sultan Abbassi?  Mrs Shahbano Imran Basit? Mrs Nusrat H,
Mrs Scientist Munawwer? Mrs. Scientist Dr. Masood Reza? Mrs. Shabana Rumi, Mrs Uzma Naqvi? Mrs. Shazia Rohail Khan, Mrs Amina Fahim Khan?

Merium? Rabo? Hera? Armeen/LUMS, AqsaSameen? Paras? Sorat? Faraz? Wajahat? Hussain? Vishnu? Ali Ezzaz? Ehsen, Umer?  Furqan?

I saw the story as encapsulating much of what everyone needs to know about the goats-eats-baby severity of the current famine in the Somalia peninsula,  

With more than six million affected, crops wasting away, livestock dead or dying, water and food scarce.

Cholera, typhoid, and meningitis usually finish the job that this wretched prolonged hunger has started.

The entwining of wars and famine has multiplied the magnitude of deaths among Somalia's farmers and herders.

More than half a million Somalis have been displaced since November 2016 by drought and desperate hunger, according to the United States Department of State. 

They have sought solace in refugee camps on the edges of Mogadishu and other towns. Somalia already had about 1.1 million internally displaced people.

The families at the internally displaced people's camp had left their scorched farms and walked numerous miles in punishing heat, across land stripped of vegetation. 

Parents go mad with despair at the sight of their babies dying from hunger, thirst or both.

Hunger affects little angels/children's memories. More than a million angels/children are projected to be malnourished in Somalia, according to the United Nations Children's Fund.

Memories of older famines returned.

In 1974, I lived in Somalia when the rains failed and a drought worked itself into a famine. Our destitute relatives, who had lost several children and their beasts to the famine, turned up at our doorstep.

Seventeen years later, in 1991, the Somali civil war destroyed and then re-destroyed the state and created a huge reduction in food production.

In 2011, when another famine stalked the nation, I remember standing in the the midst of rainless ruin as the weak wind, as malnourished as the people, blew across a barren land, unable to stir the dust in the cracks of the hard-baked earth.

The men and women I met were bereft of every vital element that gives meaning to life.

About 260,000 people died of hunger.

Lower Shabelle and Bakool, the two regions most hot by famine and controlled by AI Shahbaab militants, are inaccessible.

AI Shabaab denies the existence of famine in the area it controls and has barred the humanitarian agencies from reaching those affected. 

Sadly, the United Nations and the international community have also refrained from describing it as a famine.

I contacted a man whom I will call Mr. Markaawi. He worked with an aid group that ran camp on the outskirts of the city for those displaced by war and famine.

Since the collapse of the Somali state in 1991:
One is more likely to fall prey to a bomb when driving on a highway, in a cafe, in a well-appointed restaurant, a luxury hotel, a hospital or at a refugee camp.     

The Honor and Sad Serving of this terrible humanitarian research continues. All students to ensure that it is shared all over the world.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders of the Free World, All Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers. 

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