Headline September 09, 2017/ ''' *SHAMING* -*EXTREMISTS*- SHIMMYING '''



*THE GREATEST CHALLENGE*  - I repeat : The Greatest Challenge before you all would be designing the World Students Society's structures.

Merium? Rabo? Haleema? Saima? Seher Khan/? Sarah,  Dee? Eman? Ahsen/LUMS?  Mustafa/ LUMS?    Ambassador Malala [Nobel Prize]?  

Hussain? Ali Ezaz?   Shahzaib? Jordan? Salar? Faraz? Wajahat? Ali? Umer? Furqan? Vishnu/India? Toby/China? Dantini/Malaysia?

Mckinsey? Accenture? Intel? Facebook? Microsoft? IBM?  Great Google? Apple? Ali Baba? Black Stone?  Uber? Instagram? You Tube?  Wiki Leaks? and  then-

IBA Karachi? LUMS? GIK? UET? Dawood College of Engineering, Engineer Scientist Munawer?  Scientist  Engineer Dr. Masood Reza-

Engineer & Technologist  Imran Basit? Engineer Saleem Khan Kasuriyia. Dr. Imran Bukhari? Rumi/AKD? Haider? Nusrat? Nisar?......  

Well, time will tell Ya all,   that the World at large   has never ever conceived an organization of the class and complexity as !WOW! - the World Students Society.

A hint from me : and all I am willing to concede is that the structures of the World Students Society must  trump  strategy : or you won't scale. But if you get your structures right   -your capital structures, your org structure, your process structure, your IT structure.........  

Only That  will help you survive the changes in strategy that you will always have to make......

And in San Francisco, researcher and author  Nellie Bowles  highlights and Ms.  Wilson insights correctly :

''Some of what is happening now will make those white supremacists realize why  their  grandparents  wore hoods.''..................

''At least there was shame.''

DOXXING was on the minds of a number of protesters on the streets of San Francisco on Saturday.

In the  Castro and Mission neighborhoods and Alamo Square,  the home of the famous row of houses known as the  Painted Ladies, thousands participated in counter-demonstrations to the  right-wing rally.

There was the energy of a street party -children and dogs joined in, protesters shared  baked goods, and the bars nearby were full.

Marla Wilson, 35, of San Francisco, said she appalled when she saw white superemacists marching so brazenly in Charlottesville.

Doxing, she believed. was an effective way to make people think twice about being so bold with their racism.  

''SOME of what is happening now will make these white supremacists realize why their grandparents wore hoods,'' Ms. Wilson said............. 

''At least then there was shame.'' 

The ethics and definitions of doxxing are murky. It is the dissemination of often publicly available information. And, some of the protest asked, are you really doxxing people marching on a public street, faces revealed and apparently proud? 

*It is not as though they are hiding their identities*.

But Tony McAleer, a former white supremacist leader who now runs a..... Life After Hate, a rehabilitation program for neo-Nazis, called doxxing a........ passive-aggressive violence.''

He said publicizing the names and workplaces of neo-Nazis may offer some level of solace to people outraged by them, but it makes his job more difficult.

''For us, it slows things sown. We try to integrate people back to humanity.'' Mr. McAleer said. 

''If isolation and shame is the driver for people joining these types of groups, doxxing certainly isn't the answer.''

In short, once  someone is labeled a Nazi on the Internet, that person stays a Nazi on the Internet.

*Internet vigilantism* has a checkered history. In April 2013, amateur detectives on Reddit used screen shots of security camera footage to identify two men as being connected to the Boston Marathon bombing.

The New York Post put the image on the cover under the headline ''Bag Men''. But the two young men pictured were not the bombers.

Charlottesville has made doxxing even more commonplace.

''For a long term it was only a certain quarter of people on the Internet who would be willing to do this,'' Ms. Coleman. ''It was very much hinged on certain geek cultures, but there was an extraordinary quality to the Charlottesville protest.

It was such a strong public display I think it just opened the gates.''

The right-wing rally ultimately fizzled on Saturday, but counterprotesters were still on the lookout.

''It is important to dox Nazis, said Andrea Grimes, 33, of Alameda, Calif. She held a sign that read : ''White people pick one: Be the problem. Be the solution.''

She said she had ''outed'' white supremacists to their parents, which often stop bad behavior online.

Ms. Cory, the ukulele player moving by electric pony, said that she had posted that morning a picture of a man she thought was a white-pride agitator.

He was at a local train station wearing camouflage and smoking a cigarette near a car with Oregon number plates.

''They're here.'' she said, Then she started the next song :
''Tiki Torch Nazis.'' set to ''Beauty School Dropout'' from the musical ''Grease''.

Nearby, Jim Alexander, 55, a software engineer, was carrying high a sign with the words, ''Hug an Extremist''.

Asked about the message, he lowered the placard and looked at it again.

''Unfortunately, I think this might not work.'' Mr. Alexander said. 

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Good Night and God Bless

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