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*APPLE  TECHNOLOGIST  &   SUPER   THINKER  ALI  TAJ   KHAN*,...... a Pakistani-American  in California,     was a  rising star  at global level :

Hollywood Handsome, with great interpersonal skills, nerdy, music lover, balanced, hardworking,  with  *outstanding appreciations from CEO Apple, Tim Cook*- 

In short,    our great Lord's unique creation,    was just so very...        brutally murdered,   just three days ago:  *May Almighty God Bless him and grant him a special  place in heavens*. 

!WOW! mourns, the world mourns, and so I get,  Zilli and Sarah and Dee, to follow this case on  daily basis, and keep me informed. 

INTERNET VIGILANTISM  -WIRELESS VIGILANTISM  has somewhat of a checkered history.  

In April 2013,  amateur detectives on  Reddit  used screen shots of security camera footage to identify two men as being connected to the  Boston Marathon Bombing.

The New York Post put the image on the cover under the headline  ''Bag Men.''  But the two men pictured were not the bombers.

Charlottesville has made doxxing even more commonplace. But lest I proceed further, it would be better that I start at the very beginning.

*IN THE WORLD'S  AND AMERICA'S  CULTURAL WARS*       - disclosing personal data..............becomes a  very, very potent weapon. Copy that?

Riding a motorized pony and strumming a cigar box ukulele,  Dana Cory led a singalong to the tune of  :  ''If you are happy and you know it clap your hands.''

''You're a  Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault,'' she sang, ''You were spotted in a mob, now you lost your freaking job. You're a Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault.''

''All together now!''  Ms. Cory 48, shouted a cheering crowd in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood on Saturday. They were protesting a rally planned by far-right organizers about a mile away.

''Dox a Nazi all day, every day.'' she said.

Online vigilantism has been around since the early days of the Internet. So has  ''doxxing''    -originally a slang term among hackers for obtaining and posting private documents about an individual, usually a rival or an enemy.

To hackers, who prized their anonymity, it was considered a very, very cruel attack.

But  doxxing  has emerged from subculture websites, like 4Chan and Reddit to become a more mainstream phenomenon since a  white supremacist march on Charlottesville, Va., last month.

''Originally it was a little black-hat hacker crews who were at war with each other   -they would take docs, like documents, from a competing group and then claim they had  'dox on them,'' said Gabriella Coleman-

A professor of McGill University in Montreal who wrote a book about the hackers vigilante group Anonymous  ''There was this idea that you were veiled and then uncovered.''

Now the online hunt to reveal extremists had raised concerns about unintended consequences, or even collateral damage.

A few individuals have been misidentified in recent weeks, including a professor from Arkansas who was wrongly accused of participating in neo-Nazi march.
Some worry that the stigma of being outed as an extremist can only reinforce that behavior in people who could still be talked out of it.

Doxxing was on the minds of a number of protesters on the streets of San Francisco on Saturday. In the Castro and Mission neighborhoods and Alamo Square, the home row of houses known as the  Painted Ladies-

Thousands participated in counterdemonstrations to the right wing rally. There was the energy of a  street party   -children and dogs joined in, protesters shared baked goods, and the bars nearby were full.

Maria Wilson, of San Francisco, said she was appalled when she saw ''white supremacists''  marching so brazenly in Charlottesville.

Doxxing, she believed  was an effective way to make people think twice about being so bold with their  racism.

''Some of what is happening now will make these  white supremacists  realize why their  grandparents  wore hoods,'' Ms. Wilson said.

''At least there was  SHAME.''

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