Headline October 01, 2017/ ''' DESTITUTES & DOORBELLS '''


SO MANY OF YOU, GOOD AND GREAT students, from the world over, wrote, called, and got  send messages and emails, asking for prayers and illumination.......

THE Message of Karbala is never to accept oppression and humiliation. To keep an open mind and deeper understanding of life and death. To have patience in the face of every adversity.

And most of all, to always support the truth. Hazrat Imam Hussain [RA] said the final magnificence : ''To live with the oppressor is a crime in itself''. 
It is such great ideals that the World Students Society must evolve.

International Law has yet to be applied in Myanmar.

The treatment of Muslims in Myanmar is a flagrant violation of International Law. The  U.N. high commissioner for human rights has described the ongoing atrocities in Myanmar-

*As a textbook of case and example of ethnic cleansing*.

Ambassador Malala [Nobel PrizeRabo and Zilli and Dee and Haleema and Sehar should call a meeting between themselves, and see and evaluate all the options open to the World Students Society.

And remember, that No amount of condemnation will make any difference, only effective actions will make the lives of Rohingya community better. But do try reaching out to the Myanmar students.

Myanmar voted for the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, which sets out the basic principle of international human rights.

In addition, the Convention on the  Prevention and Punishment of the Crimes of Genocide, the  Geneva Conventions, the Conventions on the Rights of Children-

Charter of the United Nations and Statues of the international Court of Justice oblige Myanmar to comply with International Law

PARENTS the world over send their children to school, contemplating that eventually they will be able to fend for themselves once they learn to think and what the norms call,....  graduate 

Parents make incredible and unending sacrifices for their children/students dreaming of a brighter future for their children, which they never did have, and couldn't possible have.

Yet they strive for and work hard by spending huge sums of money on private education in hopes of giving their descendants the lifestyle they could not possibly live.

Every parent dream's to see their child/student prosper and lead the best life a person could lead. 

Despite tremendous amount of odds placed   against them such as:

Patriarchy, racial discrimination, sexual orientation; age; ethnicity; gender discrimination; poor health care and poor public education, to mention just a few from the developing world.

The day comes when their child graduates and finally it's the graduation day. Parents and children dream of finally reaping the benefits of their years and years of hard work, yet they are unaware-

That the ordeal has just begin. Their dreams are about to turn into unique nightmares.

In any developing world society, it's almost impossible to be *gainfully employed* without someone of power making a phone call on one's behalf.

I accept that there are people who make it into an organization through their own covetous abilities, yet that proportion is negligible.

In Proud Pakistan, without the reference of someone of influence, it is difficult to even successfully submit one's resume in an organization, without everyone looking down upon you.

It is as if the person looking employment -without the right contacts -is a burden, a bug to be squashed, discloses

A child/student of a labourer has odds placed against him the moment he enters this world. No matter how hard that child tries, no matter, if he excels in school and goes on to graduate at the top of his class-

That child will and is looked down upon and will not be able to live a lifestyle he could have lived if born in a family of privilege.

I concede, states the author, that there are anomalies in our society, and many born into underprivileged families have and and will continue to make something of themselves, but the struggle they face is of a very high level.

The amount of hard work individuals put in deserves a standing ovation. But it is something that most hard-working people from working class families will never be able to achieve.
They will not be able to achieve this because of unfair societal structures and norms formed by the elite in our country. 

They will not be able to live their parents dreams, because in the first place, they will never be able to be employed according to the effort they have put into their lives-

Lacking the necessary contacts to be able to land a job and learn what it takes to live and enter the real world.

The real world is different from the world of the school and requires other soft skills, to move up the ladder of progress.

How will the son of a labourer -who graduates and becomes an economist -be able to provide himself and his dependents if he is never provided with the opportunity to make use of the knowledge he spent years in school studying for.

When he is never given an opportunity to apply in the so-called real world; the society with sham degree holders, who happen to be the people of influence, are given the top positions and a person-

Who has studied hard all his life an opportunity to make to make use of the knowledge he has gained through prayers and sacrifices of his parents?

How is it possible that an economic graduate coerced into selling ice-cream and a person who has not even studied to the fifth grade is appointed at a position of power and influence in our society.

I have come across many such graduates in my lifetime. it breaks my heart to see the tremendous divide and unfairness in our society?

I DETEST such societal norms, as I come across such students/people on very daily basis, and it is a part and parcel of every developing world society.

Only people who have not had to go through or have not come across such social injustice, will disagree,

The World Students Society considers the above view with understanding and much appreciation from researcher, observer, Lawyer Sami Shah, alummnus of SOAS, University of  London.

So no one should truly mind my adding an extra S to the word Destitute in the headline. 

With respectful dedication to the  Leaders, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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