Golovkin likens Alvarez superfight to a new date. This undefeated Kazakhstani can hardly wait for the Saturday's showdown.

Gennady Golovkin, 35, is undaunted by the challenge of fighting for the first time in Las Vegas and says defending his title against  Canelo Alvarez will be like going on a date with a  new  ''girlfriend''.

Golovkin  {37-O, 33 KOs], who holds the World Boxing Council. World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation  middle-weight belts, will face Mexico's biggest boxing star Alvarez in a 12-round mega title fight on Saturday at the  T-mobile Arena.

''It is like you are going with your  new girlfriend,'' said the  35-year-old from Kazakhstan, describing his excitement for the battle for middleweight supremacy.

Golovkin told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday at the  MGM Grand Hotel and Casino that he will be ready for anything Alvaraz throws at him.

''I bring my belts, all my belts. I feel like a champion. This is my game, this is my fight, I am boss,'' he added.

Nevertheless, Golvokin's trainer, Abel Sanchez, says the majority of the crowd on Saturday night will be cheering for Alvarez.

''I expect the crowd to be pro Canelo. It is more for Canelo right now,'' said Sanchez. '' People are picking canelo. That even motivates him  [Golovkin] more.''

Golovokin has waited a long time to get his first fight on boxing's biggest stage in the  United States. He has fought in 22 cities and seven different countries nut never in  Sin city.

''The biggest day is coming. this is a true fight, there is a lot of money coming,'' said Golovkin.

''He might bring some new ideas to this fight. I am ready for anything,'' said Golovkin.

''I am ready to fight. It is a first class fight.''

Alvarez, 27, who has only lost once in 51 fights [49-1-1} said he trained 10 weeks for this bout.

''I just want to say I am prepared. I know it is going to be a tough fight,'' said Alvarez at the news conference.

The experts feel that both the fighters have the style that are going to give the world a fight, no one is likely to forget for a long, long time.       


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