By: Ali Eizaz Zahid

IT is just no secret that Pakistan's music industry foundered in the early 2000s, gasping in its last breathe, when ''Coke Studio'  was launched in 2008.

Pakistan has a rich musical history dating back 5,000 years. From the great Indus civilisation that flourished in art, music and dance from to the 16th century musician Mian Tansen-

From the Sufi Mystics to the western influences of today, a distinctive Pakistani sound has emerged that is a bog part of this country's identity.

Coke Studio, that brought in musical movements and milestones took on this honor and the gargantuan task of reviving and reinvigorating the local music be creating fusion of the-

Old and the modern, allowing the new sound to connect with audiences both mature and and the young.

In the first season, with a very different look from the  'Coke Studio' of today, musicians and artists embarked on an experiment that and were bent on creating something totally new with an idea to jump start the prospective future.

The show, now completing the decade of creating *outstanding music* this last August, and has so far achieved many. many milestones in these beautiful 10 years.

'Coke Studio Pakistan is heard and enjoyed in over 150 countries worldwide


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