Yemen: Cholera Risk Lives Of A Million Children

More than a million malnourished children in Yemen are at risk of becoming victim to the outbreak of deadly Cholera according to Save the Children.

The war ravaged middle east country has had the conditions made worse by the epidemic of cholera, the worst any country has seen infecting more than 425,000 people with about 2,000 killed and 5,000 more getting infected every day.

Save the Children a global humanitarian organisation said children under the age of 15 are now accounting for about 44 percent of new cases.

Malnourished children are at least three times more likely to die if infected with cholera and more than a million of those are in areas where they can suffer from the disease.

Hunger and the crisis has reached a level where two thirds of the population of 28 million do not know where their next meal will come from.

According to the organisation some 4.5 million children and pregnant or lactating women are in urgent need of nutrition services in the country.


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