Students Report Rape Trend At High Schools In Ghana, Share Experiences

Students at a radio programme in Ghana shared their horrific experiences of rape and assault as
they uncover a bigger trend.

In Joy FM’s Home Affairs programme, one of the students revealed that he is now suffering from HIV after being raped by a group of seniors two years ago when he was in his 1st year at the high school.

The boy couldn't report anyone, nor could he share his suffering from HIV to his family and that he considered committing suicide.

Two weeks after resisting initial request from a senior he “was abducted, taken into a bush and gang raped,” the student who kept his name private told the host.

The teenager was blackmailed and he found that “there are teachers who are part of it.”

Months later during a health screening at the school he learned he was HIV positive.

“I told my senior [about it] but he said he knew, and was on the anti-retroviral drugs so it was not dangerous for him.

“I was shattered, I have not been able to tell my parents. I have contemplated suicide and although I am in year three, I feel my life is going nowhere,” James told Edem.

The boy also knows many of his classmates who have suffered similar misery.

Another student in the programme, Leslie, said “it’s either you give in or you are raped.”

Programme host  Edem Knight-Tay investigated the revelations and found that the situation is same in almost all of the high schools across the country.


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