Headline August 25, 2017/ ''' *MOTHERS ALL MASTERS* '''


PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP   -LAMBASTED PAKISTAN  to  degrading humiliation.  And that also entailed- and unfurled :  injustice,  utter misery and sufferings to come. 

Be that it may, *Proud Pakistan* will stand  Tall  on this,  reject out of hand all monetary assistance, and handouts, and laser focus on its own vital interests and objectives.  

*This very moment in History requires an explanation on the  World Students Society:

In the days ahead,  Sam Daily Times :  *The Voice of the Voiceless*.... ,is duty bound to continuously deliver an educated, engaging take on the stories that make headlines.  

A very furious  American President,  is all set to expand America's  role in the 16-year old war and its role in  the region. But the American President did not define what victory would look like, nor did he explain-

How his path would be different from what he labeled the 'failed strategies' of previous presidents.

So, at  The World Students Society  we set about researching this  *new tune*   and begin the complex and unending task of looking at all our options for peaceful global protests:

Merium? Rabo? Haleema?   Ambassador Malala [Nobel Prize],  Dee? Seher?   Saima?  Sarah? Eman?  Armeen?  Hadiqa?  Zainab?   Paras? Sorat?    Aqsa?, and little Angels : Maynah? Harem? Maria? Hannyia? Merium?

LADY ASHRAFAT JAN,  MY INVINCIBLE MOTHER  -HAD SHE BEEN ALIVE  -she would have me up in a challenge. Mom had survived breast surgery, 4 surgical operations, snake bites, scorpion bites, broken ribs, and heaven knows what else?

Napolean was right : Anything that didn't Kill Lady Ashrafat Jan, made her formidable. She was one grandmother, who outshone all Icons for her scores of grandchildren. And all those who had the honor and privilege to know her.

''But, Mom, even me, an idiot savant, knows, that  the principled truth, is that in inter-state relationships,  *when truths collide*  disasters take over.'' Rest easy, Mom, all will be taken care of.''-

''Never let you down in the past, and will never let you down in the future!'' Rest in Peace, in your heavenly abode. And try putting in agood word for me?!''   

Mom, always enjoyed my company and loved my humour.
IN CONTEMPORARY INDIAN-PAKISTAN-BANGLADESHI SOCIETIES, and I could go on and on for the region and add more names..........

The question of the role women in the Nationalist scenario remains, at very, very best a terribly vexed one-

Ann McClintock observes about the role of the women in the developing world in the following words:

''Excluded from direct action as national citizens, women are subsumed symbolically into the national body politic as its boundary and metaphoric limit.''

For instance, the ruling political party in India, Bharatiya Janata Party has a women's wing that claims that image of woman as powerful mother underlines economic independence for women and reinforces her strength and courage of conviction to sacrifice for the family.   

True on that! And I hope I can cover all this in greater detail in some future research. In the meantime, I return to the  masterly work of Juliianne Smith, a former deputy national security adviser to Vice President Joseph Biden.

IN AMERICA, Statistics collected by the center bear out their stories. Only 20% of senior Pentagon staff positions and  30%  of senior  State Department positions are held by women.

While over  50%  of incoming Foreign Service Officers are women, as of July 2016, only 36%  of assigned ambassadors were women   -and that number has since dropped.

Within the  Intelligence Community, women account for about 38% of the total work force, but hold only 28% of senior positions and make up 18% of people hired at senior pay levels.

At the F.B.I, women hold just 12% of the bureau's 220 senior agent positions. 

At American think tanks working on foreign policy, women account for just 24% of policy experts and 33% of the leadership staff.

Skewed gender representation also affects the media. A 2014 study found that among the top five Sunday morning political shows on television, 75% of all guests and 87% of all solo interviews were men.

None of this is to ignore the positive and inspirational stories. The women we convened were passionate about their careers in national security and feel they are successful contributors when they aren't held back.

We are no longer expected to leave the Foreign Service if we marry. We have seen the appointment of female secretaries of state, national security advisers and secretary of defense for policy.

Almost 100 years since the first women entered the Foreign Service, women now hold 54 of 169 currently occupied chief of mission positions.

At the  C.I.A, the percentage of women has grown to 46% in 2012, the most recent data available. 

Science is helping many of us have children later in life, and the government now supports telecommuting. Our efforts to fight discrimination and sexism are succeeding, albeit too slowly.

But progress hasn't erased the paradox that women in this field face. 

Many of us know that advancing can leave us conflicted. I've found ways to succeed as both a  national security expert and a mother but I'm not sure what comes next.

Do I try to climb higher or stop on this rung, because the further one goes, the harder things get at home? 

While I was uncertain about what to tell those young women in Austin. I sometimes don't even know what to tell myself these days.

Whenever i am asked how to navigate a career as a woman in national security. I say work hard, dream big and be true to yourself. That's part of it. Here's the other part:

You will face countless difficulties, some of which your male colleagues will never encounter.  ''You will wonder whether and when to have children. You will suffer from impostor syndrome.

Someone will mistake you for the assistant when you're the keynote speaker. You will wonder if your male co-workers are getting paid more than you. 

You will pretend you can breastfeed twice a night and still function normally at work.

You will also swell with pride when you help solve an intractable problem. You will feel an overwhelming sense of purpose when a cabinet member asks for your help.

You will meet other women who will throw you a lifeline when you need it most. You will multi-task like no other, You will challenge age-old assumptions about women. You will make a difference.

But know that it will never feel easy. The so-called work-life balance will remain out of reach.

*And you will always wonder if you've gotten it just right*. 

With most respectful and loving dedication to all the  Mothers of the World, then, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World.

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Good Night and God Bless

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