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*ELSEWHERE*-  MILLIONS OF SYRIA'S LITTLE ANGELS     -young little students,   are growing up in terrible, terrible trauma-

One pediatrician, examining toddler's who had recently fled Raqqa, the city where the IS has its Syrian Headquarters, was unnerved by how weirdly listless they were in response to her  prodding and poking.

''A child under 2 years is the most difficult child/angel to examine,'' said the doctor,  Rajia Sharhan, who works with the Unicef,    ''A child starts to fight with their arms, legs, even cries. This is normal.

And then amongst the developed, and the living............... 

A LONG AWAITED NATIONAL SURVEY on  *sexual assault*  and harassment at   *Australian Universities*  -the first of its kind in the country  -has revealed: 

That young women are experiencing what victims' advocates describe as ''shocking levels'' of sexual violence on campuses across this country, prompting a range of new measures by officials to tackle the problem.

The report, released on  Tuesday  by the government's    *Human Rights Commission*,   shows that  50% of all university students were sexually harassed at least once in 2016.

*It also shows that more than  2,000  students, or  6.9%  of those surveyed, were  sexually assaulted  at least once in 2015 or  2016 and that in the vast majority of cases, neither the victim nor bystanders  reported the episode*.

''We are sorry that this happened to you. Sexual assault is a crime.'' said Margaret Gardner, the chairwoman of  Universities Australia, an association of the country's universities, which helped finance the survey.

''Through your stories you call on us and on every fellow student and member of the staff to do more to prevent others from ever experiencing the damage,'' she said.

''We cannot take away the pain you have felt and that you feel,'' she added. ''But we can acknowledge it, and we can respond to that pain with compassion and care.''

The report has been widely anticipated, and its release will no doubt intensify Australia's national conversation about the prevalence of sexual violence and its impact.

*The findings, drawn from a  survey of more than  30,000 students at  39 Australian universities, map the full extent of the problem and largely confirm the accusations of the victims and advocates-

Who have been arguing  for years that Australian universities have underestimated the severity of the  sexual harassment and assault, and-

*Failed to adequately respond with support for victims and punishment for perpetrators*. 

'' This report marks a huge milestone,'' Kate Jenkins, Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner, said at a news conference.

''For decades, University students and survivors of   *sexual assault and sexual harassment* have advocated for change. We have all heard stories these behaviours occurring on a campus.

Today, we have the statistically significant , national data on the scale and nature of this problem at Australia's universities.''        

After the release of the report, the commission and Universities Australia made several recommendations regarding-

Prevention, the response to accusations and specialized training for staff members.

The Honour and Serving of the latest  operational research on the state-of-the-world and on campuses the world over, continues.

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