Headline July 30, 2017/ '' *BRAVE* TO BEELINE '''


*RISKS MAKE US HAPPIER* :  YET,  yet   we turn our very prudence into an excuse for  Cowardice. 

True, and  all the way, it is?..... ! Nobody here but us chickens!

OVER A DECADE AGO,    -when I began    understanding    the unending  miseries of the world,  -somewhat;   and decided to do something about it.    I  envisioned and designed   the concept of :

The World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called. !WOW! and its  Master Global Publication : *Sam Daily Times : The Voice of The Voiceless*.

But where the  rubber meets  the  road.  very few, rather not even  ONE student, in  Karachi/ Proud Pakistan,    stopped to consider and relate.

Great personal friends, -well-rounded, well traveled, successful, took it upon themselves to mentor, guide and ever so often, lecture me.  Most  of   their conversations were more than troubling. 

In the time ahead, I hope to cover all and everything. Zilli, in the meanwhile hopes to miss nothing, when it comes to documenting.

I was and very much still am, very  grateful to all the  mentors. And the World Students Society, when it did move from the embryo, never ever forgot that.  

But then, I soon began to sense  the  dyeing embers of their very beautiful realms..

At the time, Nothing worked.  It was only when these great heroes came along that we picked some dignity, some honor and some steam : 

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Areesha, Sameen, Dee, Sarah, Aqsa, Zainab,  Hadiqa, Hussain, Shahzaib, Vishnu, Salar, Jordan, Bilal, Haider, and Zaeem,

Through all these very difficult times,  the World Students Society, that is the exclusive ownership of every single student in the world, comes up for some air :

''Nobody here but us chickens''.  And here's what all this means : 

*Our sin tends to be timidity, not rashness. On average we  say  ''NO''   too much when faced with opportunity or dilemma*.

In the present world,  when  Immigration    is being viewed    as a  security threat, we must  stop and chart  world public conception  of  the World Students Society  Honors and Servings-

From being a  central aspect of the  world's multicultural character to a terrible threat to be managed? : 

Merium? Rabo? Haleema? Eman? Ambassador Malala Yusafzai [Nobel Prize]? Saima?  Hussain? Shahzaib? Salar? Jordan?  Vishnu?   

But with a sigh.    all is well, that ends well. With the World Students Society now on the climb .   so,  let's start making some waves.

Back in the late 1980s, Dans Carvey of  ''Saturday Night Live''  used to do a funny impression of  President George H.W.Bush, in which the character would  justify his own supposed timidity by muttering ''wouldn't be prudent'' to himself about every small  risk.

*The impression neatly captured the contemporary notion of prudence.: faintheartedness, caution and a general bias against action*.

So perhaps it seems odd that this is my advice for young people heading out to school and into the world : Be prudent.

Yes, it sounds boring, but it may turn to be a more radical suggestion than most graduates hear.

I thought prudence was not my cup of tea. When I quit College to on the road as a musician, I was being imprudent.

When I quit music to go back to school in my 30s, it was imprudent. When i left a tenured professorship for an  unsecure job?  You guessed it  -imprudent.

Then I had an epiphany. 

When I finally read the  German Philosopher   Josef Pieper's  : 

The Four Cardinal Virtues.''  which had sat unread on my shelf for years, I was shocked to learn that I didn't hate prudence; what I hated was its current  -and incorrect, definition.

The connotation  of  prudence as a caution,  or aversion to risk, is a very modern invention.

''Prudence'' comes from the  Latin  ''prudentia'' , meaning sagacity or expertise. The earliest English uses from the  14th century, had little to do with fearfulness or habitual reluctance.

Rather, it signified righteous decision making that is rooted in acuity and practical wisdom.

Mr. Pieper argued that we have bastardized this classical concept. We have refashioned  prudence  into an excuse for cowardice, hiding behind the language of virtue to avoid what he calls  ''the embarrassing situation of having to be brave.

The correct definition, Mr. Pieper argued, is the willingness to do the right thing, even if that involves fear and risk.

In other words, to be rash is only one breach of true prudence. It is also a breach to be timid.  So which offence is more common today?

A new study by the  University  of  Chicago economist Steven Levitt helps answer this question. 

He started with the premise that people  who agonize  over important choices may systematically make wrong decisions, defaulting to either ''yes'' or ''no'' with too much regularity.

To investigate, Mr. Levitt found several thousand people in the throes of a difficult decision, weighing choices like  job offers and marriage proposals, who volunteered to let him make the decision for them-

With the flip of a coin 

To join the  World Students Society  -the greatest organization mankind ever conceived to help build a better world, requires:

Clear Eyes, a  courageous heart,  and an adventurous spirit. Clear on that? Are we? 

Nobody here but us chickens.............. With many thanks to......................... Arthur C. Brooks, the president of the  American Enterprise Institute  for this very brilliant work.

The Honour and Serving of the  latest Operational Research  on  *Life and Realities*    continues.

With respectful dedication to the :   Parents,  Students,  Professors   and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter  -!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Torture Test '''

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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