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''' NERD-IES.... *STUDENTS* ,...


GO GOOGLE THE WORDS  DAVID DWORKEN  -and you'll find a picture of a teenager in an oversize gray suit  shaking hands with former secretary of defense Ash Carter-

Along with a headline that reads : '' Meet David Dworken '' The Teenager Who Hacked The Pentagon.''  Which is pure clickbait.

Last spring, the Pentagon sponsored a  ''bug bounty''  inviting   computer security enthusiasts to dig into  Defense.gov,DoDLive, and a few of its other public-facing websites.

Dworken,  then newly 18 and among the youngest of the  1,410 participants, found  six vulnerabilities, ranging from cross-site scripting [where malicious code can wreak on a victim's web browser] to insecure direct object reference-  [alert : potential data breach].

He wasn't the only one to find chinks in the sites armor   250 bug hinters had found similar weaknesses   -but he was the one who made headlines.   

He was just a  high school senior , after all,  and America's is a culture fascinated, and terrified, by teenagers who know computers better than most of us will ever know anything.

Student David Dworken had been moonlighting as a  whitehat hacker since he was 16, helping to uncover website vulnerabilities for massive companies like Netflix, General Motors, and  AT&T.

He found a remote-code execution glitch on a United website, earning 1 million air miles for his trouble.

The lack of  rate-limiting  on  get.uber.com? That was him  [and he earned $3,000 for identifying it] 

At the time of the of the  Pentagon event he was a  computer whiz on his way to  Northeastern University  with a merit scholarship. 

In other online articles about the hack, he talked about  hacking as a public service, a way to help protect the world's digital infrastructure.

He hoped to someday have a career in  cyber-security. he seemed like a good kid, the  anti-Mr. Robot. And as a part of the first generation of Americans who came of age after-

WikiLeaks and Snowden, and after concepts like   privacy, security and online identity blew up in our collective face,  this smiling kid with a Supercut looked like nothing so much as the future.

But to really find out    -to study that potential future in all its complexity, to learn how the next generation is grappling with the-

Big issues keeping the rest of us awake at night, you can just trust the Internet. You have to go to a very cramped room in Boston,

When I arrive at  Stetson West,    the computer science dorm    in the northeast corner of  Northeastern's  leafy campus, it is early December, and David greets me wearing a  T-shirt  that says  *Respect the Researcher*. .            
Looming at a lanky  6' 4'' , he smiles often, with round dimpled cheeks and deep laugh lines; along with his  unprominent chin and pointy canines, he gives off an amiable  Chip 'n' Dale Vibe.

Last Hack : I was competing in a collegiate  cybersecurity  defense competition, and there was a virus that was set to go off at  1:30. We kept on turning the time back so it wouldn't go off.

Tech Hero : Linus Torvalds.

IOS or Android : Android.

Preferred Coding Language : Python.

Current Computer : I made my own desk top. It's an FX -8350 pverclocked with 24 gigs of RAM and an RX 470 graphics card.

WikiLeaks Friend or Foe : No comment.

What Would You Do With A Trillion Dollars? : That's 1% of the US GDP. That is a huge amount. I think if I had that much money it would just be a lot of philanthropy.

Because I don't think there's anything else that you could possibly do get rid of that much  money.

*Do as much  good   as possible.  Give to as  many charities as possible*

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Operational Research on Nerds and their Nerd-dom  continues.

The current class of  college-age  hackers will soon dominate technology  -and shape the world's future.

With respectful dedication to the Nerds, Technologists, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World.   See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Nu-Nerds-!WOW! '''

Good Night and God Bless

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