Headline July 05, 2017/ ''' *iPHONE - !WOW! - iNDIGO* '''

''' *iPHONE - !WOW! - iNDIGO* '''

WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT  - the World Students Society, the exclusive ownership of every single student in the world, in its best view:

''Is all just so proud of how far  we have all  come-  and in great jubilation and excitement on, how very far we all have to go. I stop to thank every single student the world over, and suggest-

*That every single one of them, get an urgent move on and join up post haste in this mighty adventure, honour and serving for humanity and for all the generations to follow. Right up to infinity and beyond*. 

FROM THE SPIRITUAL WORLD   -a lineage that this  unworthy Me and I, had the great honour to directly inherit, accept  and measure up to-

INDIGO STUDENTS,   are the most talented of Almighty God's master creations. In the beautiful days ahead, I would be identifying many Indigo Students for you all.  

VERY VERY  FEW PEOPLE,  I assure you all, understood or cared enough to research and  understand, that  iPhone  was the work of   *Indigo Technologists*.

So, no wonder, that the iPhone masquerades as a thing not made by human hands. And with that I digress a short detour to narrate one important change, and-

'Thanks, Zilli, for the research' :  Late Last Year A Photo OF A forlorn-looking   Kermit the Frog began circulating on Twitter. With his knees tucked to his chests, writes Lisa  Endicicco-

Head hung low, the scene invited the kind of mocking irreverence that has come to define much of  Internet  culture. ''When you show people a movie you love  AND THEY DON'T PAY ATTENTION,'' read one caption.

''WHEN ALL I WANT for Christmas is You'   is playing and you realize that no one wants you for Christmas,'' read another-

But I stop and pause here, just long enough to honour  Brian Merchant for his  sterling work  The One Device : THE SECRET HISTORY OF iPHONE.

On iPhone, to get to assembly line production, a concept with which most
readers are already pretty familiar, we have slog back to the Pleistocene Era [ ''Homo Erectus, which emerged  1.7 million years ago, were the first species to widely adopt tools.................'']

And so on. The origin of this kind of writing can be traced back at least as far as the   Undergraduate Era , to those leaden essays that begin, '' Since the dawn of time, mankind has wondered,................."' 

But when he gets back to the actual iPhone's creation, Merchant tells a far richer story than I   -having covered Apple for years as a journalist    -have seen before.

If you've ever worked on a hopeless project  that felt like it was going nowhere, you will draw  spiritual strength  from Merchant's account of life in the   Purple trenches.

It includes fascinating dead ends and might-have-beens  [ a prototype based on the original iPod's click wheel, backlit in blue and orange ] ; personal sacrifices: {''The iPhone is the reason I am divorced'' }

Obscure technical hurdles  ] the phone's infrared proximity sensor, which turns the screen off when it's near  your head, wouldn't recognize dark hair.

Back stage tension at the launch { I was actually there, watch  Jobs rehearse the famous  iPhone keynote, but apparently missed everything.

Even a symbolic onstage assassination  [when Jobs publicly demonstrated swiping to delete a contact, he used Apple vice president  Tony Fadell's name, foreshadowing Fadell's imminent departure].

*The iPhone masquerades as a thing not made by human hands*. 

Merchant's  books make visible that human labor, and in the process dispels some of the fog and reality distortion that surround the iPhone.

'' The One Device ''  isn't definitive, but it's a start. 

What we need is the critical equivalent of a  Pentalobe,    a book that will crack open the meaning of the  iPhone , to properly interrogate this digital symbiont,  or parasite-

That has introduced new kinds both   connection and disconnection  into our lives.

*If the iPhone was a revolution,  who or what exactly was overthrown?*

One of the stories Merchant tells comes from Grignon, who was the first person to receive a call on the  iPhone. The punch line is that he didn't pick up.

''Instead of being this awesome  Alexander Bell  moment , it was just like. 'Yeah............go to voice mail,' ''.

Grignon says, ''I think it's very apropos, given where we are now.''

And now I re-link with the story : How the Internet is getting a little nicer, one meme at a time:

But Student Jonathan Sun, a doctoral student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was determined to change the narrative.    As someone  who had struggled with depression and anxiety, he saw himself in Sad Kermit and sensed that others might too.

So Sun,  who goes by  @JonnySun on Twitter his more than 400,000 followers to turn a  virtual punch line  into a symbol of  hope. They quickly obliged.

''When you remember how much someone loves you.'' read one caption. ''When you are so proud of how far you have come, and excited how far you have to go.'' read another.

" I make  memes  to explain my own feelings,'' says Sun. ''And the fact that [this challenge]  resonated with other people  -I think it made all of us feel a little less lonely.''

This is not the narrative we typically hear about Internet-memes, those wildly  popular text-photo mashups that are often used to make situational jokes  [think a photo of a paranoid-looking parrot with the caption:

''Finished test first. What did I do wrong?''] but have been associated with hatred and bigotry.

The  Honor and Serving of the latest ''operational research'' on Icon Companies, Icon Products, and  *Icon Thinking*  continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see Ya all on the following one. 

With respectful dedication to the Technology Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-E-!WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Verbatim-!WOW! '''

Good Night and God Bless

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