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*THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY*  belongs,   and is the exclusive ownership of every single student of, Japan, and  of every Pakistani student studying in Japan-

Just as it is the very unique and honoured ownership of every single student in the world :  *One Share-Piece-Peace*.

So, Yee,    the great  students of Japan,  shouldn't  hesitate and make misjudgments. Join up and help make a contribution,  to help build a better world.

JUST FOR A STUDENT GIRL : In Hokkaido, northern Japan, there is a railway station called  " Kam Sharataki Railway Station"    which has now been  non-functional and deserted   for a long time, owning to the non-availability of passengers and goods trains.

Later on, the administration changed the decision when it came to know that this train is the only  source of the girl/student   who regularly travels through this train to reach her college. 

Thus it so played out that ,  the rest of the railway station became functional and stayed operational  for the sake of  education of a single girl,  ignoring totally  the expenses the railway department was incurring.

*The only thing the Japanese cared for was the education of that girl* This is the stuff that countries and  great nations are made of:

The World Students Society stops,  and yet again pays its respects to H.E. the PM of Japan,  Shinzo Abe, and  this great nation of  Japan : Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers*. . 

SADLY,   AGONIZINGLY HORRIFIC    -the girls/students  in the Developing World are not just socially shortchanged   but  are  also vigorously economically exploited in all strata of society.

In  *Proud Pakistan*,  in 2012,  12.5 million Pakistani children/students  were involved in child labour, according to  ILO

No official study on child/student labour has been conducted by Pakistan since 1996, so no figures exist to examine   -to examine the huge economy of.........  *girl-child/student*  labour in Pakistan.

Yet, it's precisely this economy  that we have to short circuit    before any meaningful change will take for at least, the Pakistani girls/students.

Some development programmes in the developing world and  Pakistan try to offer the economic losses parents face when to choosing to send their daughters/students  to school instead of putting them to work.

Nutritional Interventions feed girls/students in school, such as the Tawana Pakistan project, others provide a small stipend, as in the Girls/Students Stipend Programme in Khyber P Province.

But these projects are largely symbol and financially nugatory. They do not compensate for the monetary worth a girl/student can provide her family through mere profitable but illegal means.

The belief that girls/students are  inferior and unwanted when compared with the pressing urgency to feed hungry families.

Girls/Students are told they are disposable  throwaways but in reality they are commodities with material value.

Their uselessness impressed upon them from birth, they are put to use as cheap labour in their own families, assisting their mothers as household drudges and child-minders, or-

Working on a farm and rearing cattle. Or they are employed in the cities, or in factories, or on the streets, where they are begging or sexually exploited.

For decades Pakistanis harboured the  misapprehension that raising a girl and keeping her at home afforded some protection against the dangers of the street and the outside world.

Decades of  poverty and deprivation  shows us that gender is no protection at all. Pakistani girls are blamed for their own existence, then exploited to make money for a chain of people   -parents and relatives, husbands and in-laws, employers and purchasers.

The origins of this cycle began in the very place where a girl's life begins, with their mothers who are little better than child factories.

Dr Anokhi Khanum, who worked with  Medecins Sans Frontieres  in 2016 to help women and children in KPK and the tribal areas, observed mothers' bodies worn out by multiple childbirths  -eight, none 10, not including stillbirths or miscarriages.

An unusual number of twins and triplets are being born in hospitals in Peshawar  because women take high amounts of fertility drugs timed with the visits of their husbands working as labourers in the Gulf.

Later, in the developing world these girls become brides in marriage transactions, often to older men, even though their own bodies are barely ready for the task.

In each instance, there is a financial transaction behind the activity: either a sum of money exchanged, or another girl exchanged for the first amongst families in a complicated tangle that holds kin and communities together.

There is no price for the most valuable function of all : giving birth to the next generation.

And so the cycle continues.       

But then I  came across this writing, which I once again, have the honour to set-forth below:

''I am a  professor by profession, but my better half is a housewife.  I am also a father of a cute  two-year-old daughter. After college hours I also teach privately at an  academy to boost my income.

I leave the house at 6.30 am and join the family at 6.pm. We dine together most of the days. I spare my holidays and Sundays exclusively for my daughter. 

On my way home I regularly bring some edibles or toys or something for her.

I fear, however, that we as parents may not be bringing her up in an ideal way. Ours is a joint family and my daughter enjoys the warm and loving company of her grandmother, uncles and aunts.

Please give some practical tips on how to bring up my daughter, develop her interest in books, better her manners and make her an ideal youth. I will be highly obliged''........ Eager Father.

With most loving and respectful dedication to all the Girls/Students of the Developing and then the World at large. And then to all  the Leaders, Professors and Teachers. 

See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society : For very discipline in the world. inclusive of Computers-Internet-Wireless,   and Twitter-E-!WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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