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If they equate the above headline with the  :  *Global Map*  showing the corridors snaking  comet-like across all the economic corridors. 

The global students will enjoy and warm up to the Optics.  Thank You! On that!..............................   

''DEAR FRIEND :   -from  *My Life I write to You and in your Life*   has just got published.  That's Scientist Yiyun Li,warming up, and  to his very best in his latest book.

OAKLAND, CALIF : '' I moved from China to the United States  in 1996, arriving in IOWA when signs from Clinton-Gore and Dole-Kemp dotted people's lawns, 

I remember being surprised that Americans would announce their political views without fear..........'' 

But I stop here and revert  incontinuation  to the  remaining part   of the research on    China's Silk Road Plan,   just as it gets  top billing  in most countries of the world.

The Belt Road Initiative  : *Six Economic Corridors Spanning  ASIA, AFRICA and EUROPE*.

So what do we know about BRI?

Having covered  4 main point-analysis  in the last publishing on  Sam Daily Times :  The Vice Of The Voiceless :   I turn to the  FIFTH, but find it very important to begin covering it  from the  FOURTH:

FOURTH : BRI is not about helping others. Search for new engines for domestic economic growth are the main driver.

China wants to boost growth in the western region which lag behind the well developed east coast. Steel and cement are in oversupply and will be used in the BRI project.

*There will be job creation for thousands of Chinese workers but also foreign nationals involved in the project*.

FIFTH : this is about learning by doing.  Chinese academics admit that Beijing is using the  BRI  to learn more about operating on the global stage.

''China is a late-comer as a global player,'' according to a Chinese scholar. ''We are in the process of learning how to act.''

While doing so,  China is also changing. Slowly but surely, the focus is shifting to ensuring that the  BRI   becomes-

More transparent, procurement rules become more rigorous and projects fit in with the sustainable development goals, including environmental standards.

Significantly, as the  initiative gains additional traction,  China  will have to conduct itself as a  ''traditional''  development partner,  abandoning its  ''non-interference''  policies for a stance which is more concerned-

About the domestic affairs of of its partner states, including some very pressing issues like  governance  and  terrorism.

Beijing insists that the  BRI  will be inclusive and open to other countries, as well as complement existing regional frameworks such as  European Union, the African Union and   Aseans.

*Finally, for all the Western concerns that the  BRI  will allow China and steamroll its partners, destroying  everything and everyone  in the path, the facts on the ground are very different*.

In most countries, China is not the only actor in town. Most states will have access to US and European Funds, not to mention aid from Japan and Saudi Arabia.

It's not a  zero-sum  game. Most governments taking part in the  BRI  will also keep their  contacts with the  Western governments,  Japan and other international donors.

''We are not taking sides. The  BRI  will help us to find our massive infrastructure needs. It's a great opportunity   -but we are also doing our homework.'' a Southeast Asian diplomat told one correspondent, 

''We will be in the Lead.  China knows and understands that.'' 

And with that I return to Dr. Yiyun Li, who just before the elections in America, pondered   *Donald Trump : China's soul mate?*

''I was a scientist before I became a writer. For both   professions, questioning is just so essential,  conviction dangerous. *Questions beget Questions*.    ''Convictions beget convictions*,    posing as indisputable truths.

One of the  strongest convictions  this year is the distinction between Americans and  ''others'', the latter including immigrants, minorities and people from minority religious backgrounds.

The racism in a  Fox News segment in New York City's  Chinatown caused 
a public outcry. Xenophobia is becoming a trumpeted weapon to defend America from without and within.

And then there is China, the most evil other, allowed to  ''rape our country,'' according to Mr. Trump. His conviction reminds me of what we learned in elementary and secondary schools in the 1970s and 80s China:

*American imperialism has never stopped trying to annihilate us*. The same rhetoric is used to cultivate fear and hatred until they become indistinguishable.     

America and China are not natural enemies, but the narrative perpetuating the animosity suits those with a  self-appointed status of superiority or righteousness.

The American woman on New York street who told a Chinese American editor at  The New York Times and his family to go back to China could be the same woman who, in the early 1970s-

Organized the neighbourhood proletariats to raid our apartments in Beijing after midnight, looking for American spies.

Anyone setting his heart to turn people into others will find ways to do so, sometimes with chilling violence. Even if Mr. Trump does not become president, the fears that-

His campaign feeds on and the fears it provokes will go on poisoning American democracy.''

I leave many judgments and conclusions  to the learned readers of this Operational Research.   

With most respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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