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*IN PROUD PAKISTAN* : MANY Students, specially girls, work hard to get good marks on !W and  in their high school examinations and study till late at night, despite-  Loadshedding and hot summer.

On the other hand,  *the cheating mafia*  gets ready to facilitate those who don't read and are not well prepared for the  HSC  examinations.

Thus a good number of students at each examination centres also enjoy the liberty of using gadgets like mobile phones and tablets as a means for cheating at their examination centres.

The authorities concerned have failed stop those who happen to manage the system of cheating by maintaining strong links with their helpers sitting at homes or other places.

Students who study hard and for long hour's feel disheartened by the organized system of cheating at examinations despite the claim to the contrary by government officials.

Many thanks Nisar Amed. Karachi, Pakistan. The World Students Society, will do its very best to bring this menace of total destruction under total surveillance and control.  

It is many times worth remembering that Quinoa is gluten-free, rich in protein,  15-19 per cent, has many minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, etc, and a low glycemic index.

WHEAT, by and large the developing world's staple grain, has only 13 per cent protein.

Quinoa is a resilient crop that is not affected by unfavourable weather, thrives in saline soil,   -clayey or sandy   -and is drought resistant. The yield per acre is  800 kilograms.

This is much lower than that of wheat. But I presume the yield of Quinoa will grow with more research and cultivation.  .

What I find strange is that given these advantages, why is  Quinoa not being promoted in a big way in Pakistan? 

According to Dr Basra's information, Quinoa is cultivated on 800  acres [ a little over 300 hectares]  or so which means a production of 640,000 kg a year, most of which is exported.

It is true that a culinary taste for  Quinoa has yet to be developed. That calls for a public campaign in a land of wheat eaters.

This is worth it as  Quinoa has done well as the staple food of the Andean region in South America where the indigenous population have preserved the crop carefully with their traditional knowledge and practices.

From what I understand, the government has not tried to promote Quinoa at all. Those who have, including some researchers and cultivators, have focused on its rich potential as an export item.

As prices have risen in the world market, local production has increased somewhat in the last three years. 

As a result the price of Quinoa, one researcher disclosed, has declined in Pakistan from Rs 3,500 to Rs 300-400 per kilo. It is time we thought of students/children. 

The government needs to draw up  student/child-centered nutrition programmes, focused on Quinoa

This is possible if a policy is adapted to indeginise the grain and devise ideal agricultural practices to maximise its production.

It needs not displace wheat. Given its easy to grow properties, tillers could grow it on land that is not fit for wheat cultivation. Why not distribute the ''barren''  land among small farmers and show them to how to grow the MAGIC crop?

Sensible pricing and export policies could ensure affordable prices with exports being allowed only above special special ceilings after local nutritional needs have been met-

Small entrepreneurs should step forward to produce cereal and baby food.    
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