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MARK TWAIN LAUDED THREE  very outstanding gifts from Almighty God: freedom of conscience, freedom of choice and the prudence never ever to exercise them:

Professor Noam Chomsky, MIT,  observes that  'speaking truth to power just about solves nothing*.  
Think  on that : Merium,  Rabo, Haleema, Seher Khan, Eman, Saima, Dee, Sarah, Ambassador Malala [Nobel Prize]......?

*Power knows the truth and is very pleased with it*. 

What is truly required is that people/students speak  Truth  to each other. Only then can they realize their strength and create a path towards a *NEW TRUTH*-

One which pleases them instead of their exploiters. I.F. Stone said all: governments lie.. *ALL STATE narratives are false*.

Moreover, an  independent,  educated and well informed public opinion is an enemy to governments that only serves financial, social and power elites and not, and never the common folk or the students, especially in so called 'democracies' -

A democracy that actually  *empowered the people*  would be anathema to those who matter in   *phony democracies*.

*George Orwell believed an expensive education was necessary to learn what opinions not to have or express in order to prosper*. Many thanks Ambassador, A.J.Qazi

Sir : Your thinking is highly valued by !WOW!

Those of you familiar with Zen and meditation will for sure know what a Koan is. 

For the rest of you a  Koan is a riddle or a puzzle that  Zen Buddhists use during meditation to help them unravel greater truths about the world and about themselves.

What is the sound of  one hand clapping : Faraz? Hussain? Umer? Ali? Wajahat? Mustafa? Hasaan? Faizan? Ibrahim? 

If the tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound?    Shahzaib?  Salar?  Jordan?  Bilal?  Reza/Canada?  Danyial/UK? Toby/China?  Vishnu/India?,  Umer/Malaysia?......................

These aren't really meant to be solved or answered, as the very act of focusing on the question is in fact the goal. Or at least that's what these zen-mongers say.

Sam Daily Times : ''The Voice of the Voiceless'',   be assured, is no posed- Koan of its own. 

Just after the  Global Elections, held under the auspices of this great nation, America,  and the the super students of America, sometime around January end, next year-

!WOW!  -the World Students Society will engage every government in the world for the well-being, freedom, and future of every student in Jail. I will personally lobby for a priority.

While  foster care is the most preferred alternative to institutinalisation, it can only take place in very privileged settings with strong-social systems, till-

A child/student  can be united with his own biological or extended family or adopted after screening of potential caregivers.     

Other best practices include  Mother & Baby Units within institutional settings to support single mothers and would otherwise have abandoned their children.

*THE US*  has had group homes in place for at least two decades, while social services excellent in some states. Generally, improved monitoring and accountability systems have been put in place in institutions-

Intensive training and sensitisation of health workers, mental health professionals and staff on the rights and needs of children introduced, and additional laws to protect children enacted.

IN SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA AND ASIA, very little attention is paid to children once institutionalised. Lack of funds should not be an excuse to continue with inhuman practices; these issues should be prioritized by governments.

It is incumbent upon governments to develop holistic policies and programmes to rehabilitate people and introduce services such as free healthcare, inclusive schools, community daycare centres for smaller children-

Parent counselling and training, respite care and financial assistance to families of children with disabilities.

*IN PAKISTAN, the conditions prevailing in custodial settings are just terrible*. 

The families of destitute children/students  do not come back to claim them and, in the absence of alternative care or rehabilitation policies, they are left at the mercy of the staff.

Then there are  thousands of children/students in adult prisons, many of them suffering from undiagnosed intellectual disabilities.

The number of  juvenile detention centers and  borstals  in the country is abysmally low compared to the requirements.

There has been no official response, no administrative policy or strategy concerning torture in our custodial institutions  post-Mendez.

*The government ostensibly lacks funds for any social sector overhaul*.
Nevertheless, it must engage with civil societies for an intensive dialogue on this issue, set up task forces in cities to develop alternatives, provide training to local governments, and establish pilot rehabilitation centres within communities for a start.

It must also initiate reforms by introducing strong monitoring mechanisms in existing institutions,  ensure stringent accountability of administrative staff, and take exemplary punitive action against all offenders.  

!WOW! requests the Students of the World, to help sharing this latest Operational Research  with everyone in the world. Especially those Parents whose children/students are in Jail.

With most loving and respectful dedication to all Children/Students who are in Jail. Will do my best to get you access to !WOW!  -the World Students Society and !E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' !WOW! in !WOW!

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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