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In one study : False Alarmism : Technological Disruption and the US Labor Market 1850 - 2015 ''  comes from the  Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a Washington Think Tank focusing on technology.

The study's greatest value and virtue is to remind us that past changes have wiped out entire  job categories without spawning a high-unemployment society.

This doesn't mean that unemployment isn't a problem. Obviously, it is, especially during recessions or for workers whose jobs have been lost to new technologies, products and competitions.
In January Baidu tapped  Artificial Intelligence specialist  Lu Qi, a former senior executive of Microsoft, to become its president and operating chief.

Baidu is pivoting towards  Artificial Intelligence as the business it does as its main fields slow and its newer ventures, such as those into online video and group payments, lose money.

When asked, the company did not respond to question from Asian Times.

Alibaba,  Tancent in the Running : Alibaba, the flagship company of Chinese Internet tycoon  Jack Ma is moving into Artificial Intelligence on two fronts.

Spencer said Alibaba was using  Artificial Intelligence  to make great recommendations to consumers.

He said the company was offering  Artificial Intelligence  services as part of its  cloud computing  business, like  Amazon  did in the United States.

Tencent, a  Shenzhen company controlled by Pony Ma Huateng, is also using Artificial Intelligence  in its operations. Tencent runs the  WeChat, its payment service and its video product recommendation services.

''Tencent's focus is on smart assistants that fir within their core product.'' Spencer said. 

This showed that Tencent regarded  Artificial Intelligence mainly as a secondary technology for supporting its services, rather than a technology to be pursued for its own sake, he said.

Garrity said  Artificial Intelligence could be enormously useful to  Tencent

WeChat has about  900 million users a month, giving the company a market where it can exploit  Artificial Intelligence  by integrating the technology with text, speech and mapping software.

Tencent, like  Baidu, is interested in self-driving cars. in March, it bought a 5% stake in Tesla, the  US maker of electric cars, for US $ 1.78 billion.

Tesla is one of the several  Silicon Valley  companies developing driverless motor vehicles. Tencent is also opening a  big  Artificial Intelligence laboratory in Seattle, Washington, headed by Yu Dong, formerly a leading Microsoft researcher.

Japan's Industrial Focus :  The Japanese profile on the  Artificial Intelligence horizon was surprisingly low, Spencer said.

He said Japanese company, instead of using  Artificial Intelligence  to improve products and services for consumers, were using it to make their factories run better.

FANUC Corp, a maker of industrial robots, recently introduced a platform that uses  Artificial Intelligence  to coordinate more closely its robots and other automated systems in a factory.

Other  Japanese  players are developing technology with similar purposes.

''Japan doesn't have a strong consumer Internet business. But they're really strong with industrial allocations of tech, including Artificial Intelligence,'' Spence said.

Japanese companies are also using Artificial Intelligence  in the service sector. 

Fukuoka Mutual Life laid off  30 employees January and replaced with an Artificial Intelligence system based on the IBM Watson Explorer analytics platform.

The technology is used to calculate Insurance Payouts for thousands of policyholders.

In South Korea companies are working using Artificial Intelligence in smart assistants.  Call Center agents can be instructed to do specific tasks such as dispatching a truck, ordering parts from a supplier or sorting out queries about bills.

Spencer said  Indian companies  were looking into ways to use Artificial Intelligence, but none had yet come up with a noteworthy product or service.

A study by  PriceWaterCoopers and the    Associated Chambers of Commerce of India found that several  Indian startups-  

Were considering developing  Artificial Intelligence-based  conversational bots, speech recognition tools and other social media applications. 

To sum, it is fair to say that  Asian Firms  lead the race to harness Artificial Technology.

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