Headline May 13, 2017/ ''' JOBS -LESS- NESS '''

''' JOBS -LESS- NESS '''

*PROUD PAKISTAN'S STUDENTS*   -like their  fellow students elsewhere in the  Developing World  are a terribly threatened species. 

Automation is out swallow all their many remaining hopes.

MANY,  many  -just about all research and reports suggest that  two-thirds of all Jobs in the  developing world  are at a risk of  being  lost  through automation.

New research by  Daron Acemoglu of  M.I.T  and  Pascual Restrepo  of Boston University concludes that there are  ''large and robust negative effects of robots on employment and wages'' and-

That the adoption of  Robot  for every  1,000 workers  decreased employment by  6.2  workers and wages  by 0.7 per cent in the U.S.

These industrial robots have destroyed jobs in the sectors that have traditionally created millions of  blue-collar  jobs such as the manufacturing of cars, electronics, metals, plastics and chemicals.  

BILL GATES MADE HEADLINES  earlier this year when he argued that robots taking away human jobs should be taxed. His argument is-

That governments have a responsibility to intervene in order to slow down the proliferation of automation, as it has the  potential  of  creating  mass unemployment.

It is a sign of the times that the person who has made fortune because of technological innovation is now arguing for the curtailment of coming technologies. 

*Welcome to The Fourth Industrial Revolution*.

The world has seen three such revolutions in the past : the first began in 1784 when humans harnessed mechanical power and systematically shifted away from animals.

The second came about in the late 19th and early 20th century, as new forms of power generation, electricity, and division of labour brought about mass production of industrial products.  Digital systems, modern communications-

And the advent of the modern computers ushered in the third industrial revolution, bringing to us products such as smartphones and social media.

Each revolution built on the progress made in the previous era and the fourth industrial revolution is no different. During the current revolution we can expect existing and future technologies to become fully embedded in societies and humans.

Advances in robotics and automation,....... artificial intelligence,........... nanotechnology, and material sciences will fuel this era and fundamentally change the functions of modern economy.

The effects of the fourth industrial revolution are expected to be far more profound, for better and for worse, than what we have ever seen. 

To put things into context, the third industrial revolution led to more people having access to a mobile phone than basic sanitation, a fundamental human need.

The effects are already being witnessed in a form of a weak job growth and stagnant wages in traditional sectors juxtaposed with the dazzling fortunes of technology unicorns [startups valued at over $1 billion] and their founding members.

The benefits are accruing to those who are literate and capable of taking advantage of emerging technologies. These people reside in and around the high-wealth, high-income innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley.

On the flipside, the core of  industralised economies where millions of blue-collar jobs have historically resided hollowed out, leading to an erosion of prosperity.

Automation and robots have led to much of the gloom in industrialised economies. At the beginning of the century  the US employed over 15 million people in the manufacturing sector. 

In the  17 years since, the country has lost close to 3 million manufacturing jobs while manufacturing output has increased by almost 30 per cent.

This has transpired since during a period in which the US underwent its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  

ALL JOBS ADRIFT : Economies that  have not yet become fully industrialised are also undergoing similar changes.

China's manufacturing base is rapidly evolving and the country has purchased more than 25 per cent of the   248,000  industrial robot units sold around the world in 2015.

Foxconn, a company that manufactures core components for Apple in China and employs an army of workers, recently placed over  60,000 workers with robots in a single factory.

Is the World falling into  Joblessness's trap?  One beautiful interjection from Jawed Naqvi, from  Delhi,  to get me to consider and  see if you all can think?

As a Dalit Student  from Mahrashtra who became a Buddhist, my friend Chandan Kamble was curiously sceptical of Marxism. My Marxist friends on the leftist campus were equally sceptical of Chandan with his Afro hair and his perpetually smiling, piercing eyes.

He was sinfully prankish and was never bereft of wild observation about anyone,  perfect strangers included. He was at his acerbic best when within earshot of  dyed-to-the-wool-communist.

''In capitalism,  man exploits man. In communism it's the other way around.'' The knidergarten lines were deliberately parcelled and farmed out depending on the moment, and Chandan was a practitioner of precision timing, like a jester in a serious play.

The words may not be his, but they gained currency on campus because of his love for political banter. 

At the same time he got excellent grades from the  MPhil tutor to international studies. ''A politician someone who knows which side his bread is buttered.'' The banal words are suddenly making sense.

I have no idea where Chandan has disappeared. We were in the same hostel at  Jawaharlal  Nehru University. A common JNU friend in Princeton said he saw him years ago in a US university campus, possibly Harvard.

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