Headline May 09, 2017/ ''' DOONESBURY DA DOOMS-BURY '''


*AS THIS GREAT NATION AMERICA*  -as this great nation's flag sways and flaps right at the top of the world rankings : *The United Flags Of International Students* -

And for this glorious moment enthrall,  Great students, the world over, contemplate, and reflect on a true identity for the  *World Students Society* : 
What should be the World Students Society's  true identity Nationally say, for *Any Country*,  and  what should be the World Students Society's identity Internationally?

Remember, for and on  strategic questions and reasoning,  this is the basic core question, the rest is all content, innovation, creativity, opinions, service and honors and tactics.

The World Students Society, most lovingly called, !WOW!,   - the entire planet over,   belongs to every single leader, every single parent,   every single student, professor, teacher, and to every single citizen of the world. 

*The Doomsday Clock*  today shows  two-and-a half minutes to midnight. And the horrid countdown continues.
THE MOST IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS SITUATION, situation, however, is North Korea.

President Trump has sent an  'armada'  and is threatening a devastating military assault if  North Korea  continues to test nuclear capable missiles.

This has increased many fold the probability of a pre-emptive nuclear strike by either side, even though neither has a  first-strike capability against the other ie-

A first-strike that ensures against a devastating retaliatory second strike. ABMs are expensive and can be overwhelmed.

The only way to deal with such irreducible risks is movement on the core political and security concerns of both countries. However, the discriminatory policies of the US and its refusal to forcefully insist on a dialogue that-

Effectively addresses the root causes of a very dangerous situation merely exacerbate the danger.  *The moving-minute hand moves on!* 

To surmise further,  -In turn North Korea threatens a pre-emptive war including an all out artillery assault on greater Seoul  which is just 24 kilometers from the border and has a population of  25 million people.

The US has previously rejected credible diplomatic solutions accepted by North Korea, just as it has done with Iran. It prefers to threaten war if China cannot stop Pyongyang.

In Syria, Trump has attacked a joint Russian/Syrian airbase on the basis of unproven allegations. Together with provocative  US-led military exercises on Russia's borders in the Baltic-

These- Developments have compelled Moscow to anticipate and prepare for war. The US has also dropped a  21,000 kilogramme.......'mother of all bombs'  in Afghanistan as a warning to Russia and China .

It damaged many homes inside Proud Pakistan. This  ''overkill''   was outright state terror. writes Ambassador Ashraf Jehangir Qazi,  formerly Pakistan's Ambassador to the US, India, and China and head of the UN missions in Iraq and Sudan.

It expresses the contempt that President Trump has for the people of Afghanistan and  Pakistan.

China is willing to cooperate and has taken measures against North Korea. But. despite American military supremacy, China has made it clear that it will resist American military assault and/or engineered regime change in North Korea.

Nor will China countenance  North Korea's  absorption into South Korea as long as  South Korea and Japan remain militarily allied to a belligerent US. This iron Chinese resolve has made Trump and the world to blink.

China is ready to be a strategic partner of the US for global and regional peace. But the  US  must decide whether or not to accept China as an equal strategic partner, especially in East Asia and the Western Pacific.

Trump cannot bully and threaten if the world is to move away from midnight on the Doomsday Clock.

And *Proud Pakistan*  is among the countries most exposed to climate change, unmanageable population growth, leadership corruption, criminally irresponsible governance, economic collapse and nuclear catastrophe.

With Prime Minister temporarily reprieved but permanently discredited by the supreme judiciary, ask nor for whom the  doomsday clock shall toll. Tick.TIck


*The World Students Society thanks the Ambassador for his illumination and brightness*. 
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