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*THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY*  - is the exclusive ownership of every Leader, every parent, all and every student in the world. 

Just as it is the ownership of every citizen in the world : ''One Share-Peace-Piece''.  *Always remember that*.

But the Membership is split into two categories. Founders, Voting Students 15 and above only, only and alone,  can vote.

*BARRING GHETTOS of the elite circles of South Asian metropolises, there is simply no tolerance, yes, there is simply no tolerance, let alone acceptance, for-

Any differences across the societies in which we live in  India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and on and on I can go.

It seems that people get tired of    maligning,  hurting,  looting,  and  killing each other after some years.

After catching their breath, they once again resort to the same methods of perpetrating violence and imposing their will  over the other by coercion*. 

So in great writings, and in this world through the eye of !WOW! ....

But since  'second wave'   Western Feminism of the 1960s and 1970s, popularized the dictum :  *the personal is political*   [also the title of 1969 essay by feminist Carol Hanisch], the connection between-

Personal experience and the wider social and political structures and events and their analysis has been accepted, writes reviewer Hasan Zaidi.

Employed in moderation and with a  sensitive ear, it can enrich a text by illuminating the reader with easily accessible examples. 

And there is no doubt that it often makes for a more engaging and less dry read than simple theory. The personal essay is now a  well-established literary form in the West.          

What is then surprising, especially given Pakistani publishers' propensity for publishing personal narratives of  self-serving politicians  or retired government servants, is why so few have even attempted sociological, literary and historical inquiry from a personal perspective.

Perhaps, social science writers have felt uncomfortable with the format, or perhaps they do not feel their own lives merited so much interest. 

Now the instrument of writing is also the supreme instrument of distraction, it  dings and beeps. Warning lights flash-  It plays music and videos. 

We know  Jane Austen worked in a busy drawing room and amid the chatter of family and friends, but she didn't have a notebook that could show yesterday's best goals.

Here, then is the routine, or simply   -because  it's more  flexible  than  a routine    -the approach I have devised for arriving at a productive streak, if not every day, then often.

Write by hand. But.................begin each day by typing up what you did the day before. That allows you to settle, while admitting a little computer-generated distraction on the way.

You don't have to feel you are punishing yourself. You're not an ascetic or a saint. You're a guy doing a job. Across the table from you, your girlfriend is working on a translation. There's a cheerful tippity-tap. You're not suffering

Sometimes the process will take all the time you have. Some days you have to break off to go and teach so nothing new s written. But hopefully, by 11am or so, that's done.

Now, you abandon your computer, abandon your girlfriend, take your coffee to the desk in the spare room where an exercise book is waiting, a fountain pen is ready.

You're sitting in front of a blank page, but with the momentum of having already plunged into the rhythms of your world. With luck you can take it from their.

The scratch of the pen is propitious. The forward slant and flow of the calligraphy is a constant reminder who you are and what mood you're in.

Over many years, you have learned not to set anything down mechanically, but to wait  -reflecting, brooding, musing  -until, apparently of its own accord-

Like an unexpected breath from deep in the belly, the performance begins.

The Honour and Serving of the latest  *Operational Research*  on great thoughts and writing continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see you on the following one.

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''' The struggle '''

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