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*CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE* I, too, -always wonder  whats it  like  for Little Angels  dealing with the  spectre of violence  as a daily occurrence? 

This  Operational Research  is dedicated to the great and loving memory of all  135 Students, Professors and Teachers of    Army Public School, Peshawar, Pakistan,  who had their lives cut short.

Please, join me in prayers for these  *Angels &  Heroes*   that they rest in peace in their heavenly abodes,  and for their parents to find peace and faith in their *unimaginable sufferings*.

Mrs Sabiha Shahid Shakoor,........   *a super mother of three outstanding daughters*, highly articulate and well traveled     must consider heading  a  centric page on !WOW!  -in memory of these 135 students. 

!WOW! honors all these parents and will go on to share their sufferings and their daily struggles for finding peace and solace.  

Rabo, Dee, Zilli, and Haleema,should wait for a word from this mother, and if the need be.  help coordinate with  *Mrs Sabiha Shakoor*.        

ARE PERSONAL COMPUTERS good for Little Angels? 
When computers have simply become an unavoidable part of everyday life.

It is worth repeating many times over that, both at school and in the home, a computer can be useful educational tool that can enhance a child's learning.

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of computer usage can help parents determine how much screen time is appropriate for their children.

Potential Physical Problems : Prolonged usage of computers can lead to repetitive stress injuries, according to  *KidsHealth.org*

When too much stress is placed on a child's joints, conditions like  carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis may result, causing discomfort. 

To avoid repetitive stress injuries, make a computer workspace child friendly- by providing childsized chairs, desks or monitors.

Reminding your child sit up straight or when at a  computer can prevent stress on your little one's spine, while encouraging him to take frequent breaks to stretch or move can prevent a repetitive stress injury.

Parental Involvement : When children are at home, spend time with them online and learn about their favorite website destination, say !WOW!.
You may choose to set bookmarks of your child's favourite pages for easy access.

Your Internet service provider may have a parental control option that keeps unwanted material from view, while filtering programs can block certain websites and keep personal information private.

You may also set rules for your child's computer usage and insist they be followed to ensure your child's safety, suggests KidsHealth.org.

But all parents ought to remember  that one hidden reason that could unsettle children in a   school environment  is the unchecked use of smartphones and other gadgets at home according to education experts.

Because  phone addiction is an established phenomenon among children having access to  digital technology   24/7,  they tend to show symptoms of acute social anxiety, discomfort and nervousness when kept away from phones and computers.

Saima Salman, a brilliant research author, opines that  Threats to education in  Proud Pakistan  have escalated after the horrific attack on the Army Pubic School in Peshawar, Pakistan, in December 2014 when Taliban militants killed 135 school children.

Since then schools and colleges across the country have staged  mock lock down drills   -and students have been instructed to leave classrooms for safe rooms or hide under their desks, remaining calm practice what they would do in an emergency situation.

Although these drills strengthen the preparedness of the schools for combating terror attacks and could save lives, they also leave children emotionally shattered-

Especially in a country where attacks targeting educational institutions are frequent and mercilessly executed.

While it is important that children understand the need to be prepared in an emergency, it is equally essential that they are informed about the exercise beforehand when it involves security personnel staging-

*Real-Time Rescue Operations*.

Zilli, what do you think? Do you agree?  Can you come over and brief me on this. on very urgent basis? 

The Honor and Serving of the  latest  Operational Research on *Life and Living*  continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see you all on the following one.

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