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*For Student Grishma*,    An Indian Software  Designer, President   Donald J Trump's review of the visa programme- for bringing highly skilled workers into the United States comes at a bad time.

Fresh from gaining a master's degree in Europe, and with an offer of employment from a well-known US design firm, she was well on her way to fulfilling an ambition of many young  Indian IT workers  -a dream job in America.

But as she waits in the  H-IB visa queue for the green light, she is caught in a bind. ''It's a weird time to be applying with all the scrutiny,'' said Grishma, who gave only her first name for fear of jeopardizing her chances of getting a visa.

The  United States has already suspended the    ''expedited processing option''  for applicants,  under which she may have received a visa in weeks.

And then in UK, British Media reports that up to  50 people  so far have been stripped of their  British nationalities, and similar cases of dozens of people are in the pipeline.

Most of the orders to deprive such individuals of their  British nationalities were issued by then  UK  Home Secretary  Theresa May, who held the post from  2010  to  2016 before becoming the prime minister.

The orders were issued under  Section 40  of the  British Nationality Act 1981 which allows the authorities to deny a person their  British citizenship if the  Home Secretary is satisfied that:

''It would be conducive to the public good to deprive the person of their British citizenship status and to do would not render them stateless.''

Media reports suggest individuals who had been subjected to such an action under the Act had dual nationalities which ruled out the possibility of rendering them stateless.

This strengthened  the  British Home office's case to sustain judicial scrutiny inside the country and in the  European Court of Human Rights which holds the appeal jurisdiction  over cases involving rights.

It was clear what was going on,discloses  another very distinguished author.  First the Labour   then the  Tory Liberal  government, was responding to the increased anti-migrant feeling  {stoked by right wing press}  by making it more difficult for non-EU citizens to migrate to the UK.

In doing that, the parties accepted the cries of the far-right  which said migration levels were too high  damaging the  UK   -migrants were taking the jobs, committing crime, changing the cultural fabric of the UK 

Where there should have been a space for reasoned conversation   -which, for instance  stressed the conversation   -which for instance, stressed the contribution of  migrants to the economy and to the-

Cultural life Britain while also looking at the costs of migration   -there was a capitulation to hysteria. 

And so, increasingly, we saw the far right dictate the terms of the conversation on migrants   -the Tories were the most enthusiastic about falling in line, but Labour really didn't do much better.

Watching all of this, listening to all the campaign promises about reducing net migration, many felt that the politicians were painting themselves into a corner. 

They could make near  near-impossible  for non-EU migrants to enter the UK  -going so far as linking to income levels the right to bring in a non-EU spouse to the UK-

As though the  well-off  had a greater right than the poor live with their spouses in their nation of citizenship   -but since freedom of movement was enshrined in the  EU law there would come a point when the press, the politicians, and the electorate would simply have to face the reality of porous European borders.

Perhaps, then, one writer naively thought, the political parties would get round to talking about  the benefits of  being part of the  EU  rather than allowing   *the Poles are coming and they are taking our jobs*   to be the only kind of rhetoric you ever heard about the EU.

And then for student Grishma, more broadly, uncertainty for over the review announced the week has unsettled, poor Grishma and many, many others like her.

She will always have to wait until at least around August to learn her fate, but having accepted  US job offer she is not in a position to apply for positions elsewhere, including in Europe.

''It's pretty debilitating,'' Grishma told Reuters. ''I'd like to start work to mitigate the financial damage.'' Trump's decision was not a huge surprise, given his election campaign pledge to out American jobs first.

But the executive order he signed, though vague in many areas, has prompted thousands of foreign workers already in the  United States or applying for  visas to work  there to re-think their plans. 

Companies who send them also face huge uncertainty. 

The concerns are particularly acute in India, where  IT firms  like Tata Consultancy Services,  Infosys Ltd,  and  Wipro Ltd    are top beneficiaries of the  H-IB visa programme, using it to send-

Computer engineers to service clients in the  United States, their largest overseas market.

!So, Companies and Staff Realign!.

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