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 !WOW! '''

ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX YEARS AGO, when electric lights were still rare and motion pictures were just a dream-

The showmen P.T. Barnum and J.A, Bailey joined  forces to create  ''The Greatest Show on Earth.''

But before I proceed any further with this beautiful research publishing, I must confess to you all that-

'*Researching and Writing*'  is a very strange business. Your mind starts making connections. and  one thing leads to the other...............    


One Thing To Sleep On:

That there is nothing that President Donald J Trump and the great nation of America : [would]  love more and feel [more]  proud of than to watch,  and see the  Students of America:

Design, illuminate, test, approve, and  conduct  *Global Elections on the World Students Society*.  most lovingly called, !WOW!  -that belongs to every student of America : One Share-Peace-Piece.   

Now,....Merium,  Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Ambassador Malala  [Nobel Prize], Saima, Sarah, Eman, Tooba, Sanyia, Zilli, where is Vishnu? Toby? Reza? Shahzaib? Danyial? Jordan? Bilal? Salar?

Student, Technologist, :Shahzaib Khan and Team, tell me:

What good is studying and mastering  Technology, if the world around is getting too formal, and cutting   off and out    from the contemporary world and its myriad and multi-dimensional problems?

In planning  World Throbbing Applications, in the best service and honor of humanity, it is generally just so easy to move towards the standard of the West. 

Great work can be opposite of that too, and even greater and ground-breaking. If in doubt, go ask Hitachi.

At the first  *convenient relief*, you all  ought to get together, set up an IDE for the world to see. acknowledge and admire and then set out to  initialize, what the professional world calls : 

*The Reconciliation Of The Total Optima*. And you would do well to *Remember, that this  is the first and master building block*.

[With]  and when that gets done, you all  ought to set up a call with Google, and *Twitter*, Instagram, Snapchat, and  YouTube,    and take the matter up at the highest levels, with specific  inputs and precise requests : 

What all tools do  you need to conduct  Global Elections?  Merium,  Rabo, Eman, Dee,Haleema, Saima? Zilli?    Clear?... Are we? 

Where does the  *World Students Society*   stand as a  !WOW!?

ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX YEARS AGO,  when electric lights were still rare and motion pictures were just a dream, the showmen P.T. Barnum and J.A. Bailey joined forces to create :

''The Greatest Show on Earth.''

Their  globe-trotting  circus was equal parts carnival, theater and Zoo. When it came to Washington DC, in April 1881,   -an event that made the city  ''circus crazy''. 

The Washington Post reported    -it featured  22 elephants and assorted lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, polar bears, hippos and rhinos.

There were clowns,  trapeze artist, horseback riders, bicyclists and double-somersaulting  acrobats    -631 people in all. including the workers behind the scenes.

Their performances were daring and original, and they became even more popular when   Barnum and Bailey   began touring a giant, 6 1/2 tom elephant whose name  Jumbo, now refers to anything big, huge or larger than life.

But the country's most famous circus, now known as  Ringling Bros and Barnum &  Bailey, is finally folding up its big-top tent for good.

Its two travelling performance groups hold their last shows in May, after a finishing a tour that winds through cities including Washington, Baltimore and Fairfax, Virginia.

''Everyone expects to leave the show at some point, but not the show to leave us, or a culture to end,'' said Jonathan Lee Iverson, who became Ringling's first African-American ringmaster when he joined the circus in 1999.

The show's producers,  Feld Entertainment, pointed to declining ticket sales when they announced in January the end of Ringling.

The company previously said about  10 million  people see one of it travelling circuses each year.

Attendance slipped once  Ringling  retired its elephants in 2016, Feld said, after a year of criticism from advocates for  animal rights  opposed to elephants' captivity  and performances.

The animals now live at a conservation centre  Ringling  operates in Florida.

Iverson, 41, the ringmaster for Ringling's space themed   '' Out Of This World''   production, says that performing under the big top is not just a job but a way of life.

As  ringmaster, he is a  ''glorified fan''  who  ''gets paid to dress well and run his mouth,''   introducing performers in an elaborate  coat and top hat and singing at  450 shows each year.

A trained vocalist, he said he may work in the theatre or on the radio when Ringling wraps up.

When he's not performing,  Iverson and his family are on the road, living out of a  Ringling railroad car on a train that carries performers, lions and other animals from city to city.

Iverson's wife Priscilla, was a dancer in the show and now works behind the scenes as production manager. And their children, 11-year old Matthew and eight-year Lila, are following them onto the stage, playing a younger version of their father.

Matthew  appears, at the start  ''Out of the World'' as an aspiring Ringmaster,  and his sister plays the role on some weekend shows. 

They play board games to pass time on the train and are part of  home-school program that  Ringling  tutors hold for circus kids.

''I love performing,'' Matthew said. ''But I'm excited to go to a regular school ............and have a home.'' 

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of America and the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Spectrum & Soaring '''

Good Night and God Bless

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