Headline April 08, 2017/ ''' *TO HELL AND BACK* '''

''' *TO HELL AND BACK* '''


My lookout payed. I picked  *Student Torsam Khan*   early, as he shuffled down a loose earth mound. 

His mom's love and care : all amulets and charms threaded through with a black shoe lace swirled bouncy around his neck.

The *Drug Dealer* 38,  approached.  All  *Snakes & Charms*. His  beady, restless eyes wary and terrified. Talking with him was no better than an exercise in self-shame.

*Proud Pakistan*, I realised  was getting nowhere on the issue of  fighting and warding off these  Merchants of Death. 

I will have to step in. 

The Pathans Epic Poet Rakhman Baba came to mind. 

I availed the honour to recite  *one master stanza piece*   to the drug peddler: Who cringed as the meaning set in, but was  also equally taken aback, with my mastery of Pushto Language.

*Your forehead gleams of evil, crime and all palls...... of gloom,
You wretched swine, of turd and misery born-
!WOW! will soon come after you, till the very last day to doom*.  

I can offer some empirical confirmation of David Brook's conclusions about the dangers of  ''worry''  in the current public mood  [The epidemic of worry,'' column, Oct. 26].

Several decades ago, among several central North Carolina universities, we conducted research on a sample of some thousand local citizens to profile their degrees of participation in civic affairs.

We identified subgroups of citizens who expressed  ''liberal'' views race relations and economic justice.

One we called the  inactives, who seldom participated in a civil rights demonstration, helped register voters, joined a voluntary association for meeting some social need or went to political meetings. Members of the other group were connected with such efforts.

Our most striking discovery was that among all groups,  inactive liberals had the highest incidence of insomnia and stomach ulcers, the activists the lowest. *The inactives worried, but they did not act.

As Mr. Brook says, ''Action takes us out of ourselves''; it thrusts us into the ''daily fact of other people's lives.''  To be a healthy liberal, better to be an active one!

Many thanks, Sir: The above letter is from Donald W. Shriver, New York. The writer is president emeritus of Union Theological Seminary.    

While the  import-quality drug is widely popular among youngsters/students from privileged backgrounds.

Peshawar's  Ice peddlers typically roam the localities of Hayatabad, Gul bahar, Hashtnagari,  Warsak road,  University Road, and Nishtarabad,

Those in Swat, Mardan, Charsadda and Nowshera are shrewd enough to use teenaged drug dealers to peddle.  

''CRUSTAL MATH is generally smoked, inhaled or injected with a needle and is one of the strongest stimulants creating hyperactivity and ecstasy,'' explains  DWF's  Dr. Javed.

''It lowers appetite and the feeling of being hyperactive remains from  six to eight hours, and even can be prepped up to 20 hours.'' 

He adds that several toxic chemicals are used in its preparation, including acetone, lithium, toluene, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid and ephedrine is the main ingredient.

''*The dangerous side of this injectible drug is that it is closely linked with HIV/AIDS and hepatitus,'' says the doctor. ''It destroys the entire family fabric and the community at large.

No girl/student or women has been registered as our facility till now but it cannot be ruled out that women too have become  Ice users.*''

The  DWF  rehab process is of a three-stage one:
.- detoxification for 15 days.
.- 90 days of rehabilitation and finally-
.- follow up checks.

Two years ago, the  DWF  in in collaboration with the provincial government managed to construct a  450-bed rehabilitation centre on Warsak road in Peshawar.

But the project has run into some obstacles. According to a memorandum of understanding singed back then, the KP government was to grant some 150 million rupees for rehabilitating  40,000 drug addicts.

''Out of this grant, 90 million rupees have already been spent and around 6,000 patients have been treated,'' says Dr. Parveen Azam Khan.

''But if the rest of the money is not granted soon [and treatment gets interrupted], rehabilitated patients could easily relapse,'' she cautions and warns.

''Since Ice has become the  first-choice  drug among youngsters, it creates several psychotic problems,'' argues Shah Aurangzeb, a psychotherapist at DWF:

''Drug addiction is not curable, it is only manageable. The actual number of ice addicts may be higher than the number of registered patients.''

Meanwhile, Muhammad  Anwar, director general of the KP Excise and Taxation Department, claims that a special committee has been constituted by the provincial cabinet.

This committee will take into confidence all stakeholders to evolve a comprehensive review of the proposed changes in the Anti-Drugs Act, 1979.

He said his department would need around 700, specially trained police force to contain drug trafficking including that of Ice.

''Our force has already been working on  abuse of drugs  in the province. We have launched operations to trace our drug-peddlers in the city. the proposed draft will be presented to the provincial assembly for debate and passage.

An effective anti-drug law is a just matter of two weeks,'' assures Anwar.  
Justice Students?
With respectful dedication to O'' Captain Imran Khan and Students, Merium, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Malala/Nobel Prize,  Saima, Sarah, Sameen,  Paras, Sorat, Tooba, Nena, Mahnoor, Areesha, Eman/LUMS, Armeen/LUMS- Sanyia Rumi

And all of God's  Little Angels : Kanza Faraz Majeed, Mayna Khan, Maria Imran, Hannyia Khan and Merium Khan and all

*Pakistani Students in Australia*. 

Hussain, Haider, Zaeem, Hazeem,  Shahzaib, Jordan, Bilal, Mustafa, Ibrahim Imran,  Faraz Majeed/Faizi, Ali Hassan, Salar, Vishnu/India, Toby/China, Ghazi, Hammad, Wajahat Raja/University of Aberdeen, Faizan, and  Hasaan Reza

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''' All Parallel !WOWS! '''

Good Night and God Bless

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