Headline April 04, 2017/ ''' STUNTING -LOUD- *SILENCE* '''


*IN PROUD PAKISTAN*  :  STUDENTS from all over, came in to suggest to me, to step out, and-

Provide political leadership and my skill and mastery in  management and organizations.

Having never refused the students of the world, any reasonable and any great request, I allowed to take up  the matter to refer to  Merium, Rabo, Dee, Malala [Nobel] and- 

Lawyer Zainab Khan,Paras, Eman/LUMS,  Sorat, Tooba, Aqsa, Saima, Sarah, Sanyia, Haleema, Hussain, Zaeem, Ali, Faraz, Rumi, Haider  and Nusrat.

In the meantime, and since some time,  I study OXFAM'S report exploring avenues for  *Financing Girls Education* in Pakistan.

I acknowledge, Pakistan faces a very serious situation,  24 million out of school children of whom majority are girls,  -huge backlog on provision of missing facilities in school, and declining quality of education.

With my head hung in shame, I go find billionaire and genius Faraz Majeed and billionaire genius Ali Hassan/ Masters in  Business/US   of Highland Resorts-   

I turn the leaf only to find that Pakistan has the  world's  third-highest number of newborn deaths:

194,000 in 2010.

The maternal mortality in the rural areas is nearly twice as in urban areas of Pakistan : 319  women out of  100,000  die due to pregnancy related complications in the rural areas in contrast to 175 in urban areas.

Pakistan ranks  141st  on the  Global Gender Gap Index. I understand that Gender responsive   financing of education    can contribute towards establishment of social justice and system based on equity.        

*PROUD PAKISTAN*  NEEDS to change how people eat. The ratio of Stunting is the highest in  Pakistan among  South Asian Countries.

9.6 million  students/children  suffer from stunting which affects overall life chances and adds up to stunted economic development.

Pakistan  -as I check and cross check-  has made very, very little progress in the last 40 years, plus. In the province of Punjab  nearly  1 in 3  three children is stunted. The northern districts are performing better as compared to South Punjab where stunting is severe.

Mostly, low cost, preventable interventions like  Iron  Iodised salt, and folic acid is what women should have during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding baby for the first two years has huge advantages. Zinc in breast milk increases immunity. Birth spacing,  washing hands with soap, taking Vitamin A supplement and deworming are some good practices that keeps us safe.

Height and weight of children should be taken routinely, uptil five years of age as they are indicators of growth.

To check  stunting,  we require support from different sectors. Provisions of safe drinking water is of utmost importance as germs get into the human most easily through water.

Sanitation is another important amenity that only  64%   Pakistanis have access to which means only as many have access to to toilet.

Diarrhea is most prevalent among children. The reason is lack of hygiene and sanitation. Children'/students  are actually dying from diarrhea. Each time a child falls ill   he/she  loses weight and it affects the health pattern.

It is also important to promote nutrition sensitive agriculture    -production of nutrient dense and diversified food locally.

The required number of meals is there but they are not diverse. There are seven food groups. Children need at least  4 out of  7   food groups. Though  Punjab is considered  the food basket from where food is supplied to other provinces of the country-

*Only 17% children get right, diverse diet here*.

The Punjab government has approved a  child nutrition and stunted reduction programme recently which will be launched in 11 districts in the first phase.

UNICEF Pakistan targets to reduce stunting from 44%  to   34%, saving 1.9 million  students/children  from stunting. Another target is to reduce stunting amongst children under five to below 20%  by  2020.

Dr. Shabana Haider, Member Health, Planning and Development Department government of Punjab, says there is  2-10 per cent. loss in GDP due to stunting though Pakistan has the  3rd  highest rate of breastfeeding in the world.

She says, ''We need to change how people eat  -clear away the confusion around nutrition. we are trying to develop information that is truly helpful  -usable,''

In this regard, she says, ''Fish is a very good source of protein. It can be taken with milk and curd but there is a general misconception that milk and fish cannot be taken at the same time.''

She asks media to educate people. UNICEF is looking into what is a reasonably good diet.  

To, Urban Desi, I go then. Come on lads :  Toby/China, Vishnu/India, Omer/Malaysia, David/ Singapore, Ted Kwon/South Korea, Shahzaib, Salar, Bilal, Jordan/US, Danyial/UK,  Reza/Canada, Mohsin/NZ, Faizan.

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