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*APP   SMART*   APPS : You don't need to strap  fancy Fitbit  or  Apple Watch  around your wrist to get truly fit.

All you need is your phone and the right apps to track exercise sessions, get motivated or take tips on what exercises to do to achieve your health goals.

The neatest  one-size-fits-all  sports app at the moment is Endomondo. This free iOS  and  Android app can log location data and can time runs, walks, bike rides and more. At its core, this app is a smart location-aware stopwatch and pedometer.

Endomondo has a straighforward onscreen display that shows elapsed time, distance covered and calories burned. With one swipe, you can look at a GPS-based map to see where you have already been and plan where you may go next.

Endomondo also logs sessions so you can see how your performance has varied over time, showing distance and energy burned on an easy-to-read graph.

The easy-to-use app accomplishes all of this with a clean-looking interface and minimalist controls.

The app also incorporates social networking for chatting with friends and challenging them to exercise with you.

You can set up a weekly exercise commitment inside the app, and it will prompt you through the week to keep you in track.

If you are a runner, the app has a built-in coaching system to encourage you to improve.

Endomondo's, timing and tracking features can be switched into different modes depending on what sport you are doing. 

For example, fencing can be high intensity, but it isn't about covering distance on a track  -so in fencing mode, GPS tracking is turned off, and instead the app helps time how long you have been in action and how much energy you have consumed.

The C25K has a different goal. It is intended for people who prefer to sit on a sofa instead of going for a jog. The idea is that with app's help and about eight weeks of effort, you will be able to run 5 kilometers.

C25K is easy to use, as you would hope for a beginner app, Its display shows session timing and distance covered, and a prominent clock shows how much time remains in a daily session.

The app's most important element is the day-by-day coaching system. The screen shows what you are supposed to be doing. 

For example, the first day begins with a five-minute walk followed by a cycle of jogging and brisk walking. There are audio cues to help remember what to do, but you can also listen to music apps.

I like C25K for its simplicity and modest, but achievable, goals. I also like its social chatting section, where users can talk to one another for motivation or to get running tips. Best of all C25K, is free for iOS and Android.

All exercise regime can eat up time, but it's always possible to find a handful of free minutes during even the busiest days. That's where Johnson and Johnson's  *Official 7 Minute Workout*    app is great. 

Clear voice guidance and graphics guide you  through exercises  like jumping jacks and squats that you can do almost anywhere in just a few minutes.

The interface is attractive and easy to understand, and the app's tone of voice is gently upbeat and positive.  It's free on  iOS   and Android.

Sometimes we need the right music to get us moving, and   RockMyRun [free on iOS and Android] is great for that. Aimed at runners and those who like to work out, the app starts by asking what genre you want to listen to.

Things as varied as electronic dance music, dub-step and oldies are offered. Then you choose how you want to feel  -''good''  and  ''nostalgic'' are options   -and what type of activity you are taking part in.

The app builds a playlist and starts playing a sequence of tracks. 

You can change the speed of the tracks by dialing up a different  beats-per-minute   rate, or measure your pace and match the music to your exercise rate. It's easy to use and can add an edge to your workout.

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