Germany Is The 'Only Country' Where Education Is Really Free

A new report has found Germany as the only country offering a free education.

The research by Boston Center for International Higher Education took into account 13 countries (other being France, United Kingdom, Russia, Egypt, Ghana, Australia, China, India, Japan, Brazil, Chile and the U.S.) and revealed that Germany is "the only country where politics is committed to free public university education for almost all students."

In reality, other countries like Norway and Denmark who weren't included in the study, tuition is free for citizens as well as students from EU countries.

In contrast the tuition fees in US universities could range from $5,000 and $50,000 per year and UK its about £9,000 for most of the institutions. In the US, 44 million students owe a total of almost US$1.3 trillion, with the average graduate shouldering US$37,172 in student loan debt in 2016

People in Germany see higher education as "a public good, a way to train specialists that then benefit the public.", says Brigitte Göbbels-Dreyling, deputy secretary general for the German Rectors' Conference.

This is making Germany an increasingly popular destination for foreign students.


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