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YOU ALL TELL ME  -how welcoming is a country that increasingly regards his homeland as a  economic and security threat? and with that........ 

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I had just pulled into the  Oxford school parking lot when a bearded man in a baseball cap,  an  auto-engineer, appeared at my car window and grumbled about the subject of that night's public forum:

Weiming's plan to build its  Oxford High School dorm.  

Until October 2014,   Oxford's move into China's orbit     -the Mandarin-language program, the  influx of Chinese students   -had met little   resistance. But the proposed dorm for Chinese students   hit a nerve.

And now, as the engineer and 60 other residents gathered in the school atrium. Skilling found himself on the defensive.

After touting the benefits of cultural exchange, Skilling outlined  the finances. When the school reached its goal of  200 tuition paying- Chinese students,  -he said, an estimated  $1.3 million in  annual  net revenue would flow into the school coffers.

The bigger incentive, he argued, was the multimillion dollar dorm, which would include eight classrooms for use by all students.

Behind the scenes, a group of Oxford citizens known as 'Team 20'   had begun looking into the international program.

Federal agents questioned Skilling about his consulting work for Weiming. [Skilling says he ceased consulting because the Oxford deal went through]. 

One of them also wanted to know more about the  visa  maneuver by which the Chinese students were staying  for two years  instead of one. Skilling retired months later, and Weiming, without giving any explanation, put the dorm project on hold.

Weming still has roughly 100 of its students at Oxford. And with thousands more students in its Chinese schools   expecting to come to the United States, the search for a flagship location continues in great earnest.

In 2015, the company bid $ 12.6 million for a  58-acre property in West Hartford, Conn. 

Local officials supported the plan, but last May the City Council, responding to vocal opposition to a little-known Chinese company taking control of land in the city center, voted against it.

Hovering in  the background of the West Hartford debate   was the suspension of the  Weiming dorm in Oxford    -and the government's unresolved investigation into the international program. 
By November, the Department of Homeland Security offered a verdict.

The visa maneuver would not be permitted in the future, a blow to the model Oxford pioneered.

The alphabetical seating at Oxford High School's graduation ceremony last June put   Korbin Yang   in one one of the last rows, surrounded by a clutch of Chinese classmates whose surnames begin with the letters X,Y, or Z.

They formed, a sort of  school-within-a-school,   watching the parade of American graduates they barely knew.  In the fall,  Korbin headed to Pennsylvania State University.

His parents were proud that he'd gotten into a  Top 50 University  where almost  2,500 Chinese students were already enrolled.

When I visited Korbin last summer, [narrates he author],  in Shenyang, he took me to an American style craft-beer pub his father, partly owns. Over a game of pool, he spoke positively about about his experience at Oxford.

*Still, he admitted, he left Michigan   after two years  without a single American friend*.  That surprised him. ''Weirdly, I think the experience made me appreciate Chinese culture even more,'' he said.

Now halfway through his first year at Penn State, Korbin can spend entire day without speaking a word of English. 

The current political climate may only isolate him further. Korbin is in America legally, studying hard and and leaning towards a major in electrical engineering.
But how welcoming is a country,*as I asked right at the beginning*, , that increasingly regards his homeland as an economic and security threat? 

And even a  bigger threat may lie within China. Late last year, Xi's ideological campaign against foreign influences targeted  the kind of schools that prepared Korbin for America.

*FOR KORBIN*, the lack of American buddies and reawakened sense of national identity notwithstanding, high school in America still left a deep impression on him.

Last Christmas, after the exams, he went back not to Shenyang, but to Oxford. His second  host mother   gave him two hoodies and some of his favorite chocolate, and cooked a Christmas meal.

Korbin presented her with a  mug and played with the dogs he had helped care for as puppies. ''I definitely wished I was still there,'' he told me-

And he sounded  like just another first-year college kid, missing home.

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