Headline February 13, 2017/ ''' *THESE* -!WOW!- MISSIONS '''

''' *THESE* -!WOW!- MISSIONS '''

IN TOM WOLFE'S : *The Electric Kool-Aid-Acid Test*,   the proto-hippy Merry Pranksters take off across country-

In a psychedelic bus with the stated destination : ''Further''. Those who made it all the way didn't all make it back.

William Burroughs once observed, not approvingly, that Kerouac's famous novel ''sold a trillion Levi's, a million espresso machines, and sent countless kids/students on the road.''

FOR THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY,  -and all the great students of the world,   *and the great students of America*,    conceptualizing global elections,  -that includes every country in the world,   looms large: !WOW!.

*The truth is : *that you students of America*,   and the students of the world, won't understand the real power of !WOW!, until you face up on !WOW! which would give you a dialogue with:

Technology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, theology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, honour, justice, dignity and pride. Ever since then and that, you'll feel like the luckiest student/ person in the world*.


Helping to make  Six, a new drama series depicting the elite  SEAL Team Six in action, as authentic as possible in real-life former  Navy SEAL Mitchell Hall.

There are several Hollywood productions that revolve around soldiers in action, but new eight-episode series Six tries to strike a balance between what its characters experience on the job and at home,

The series follows the members of Navy SEAL Team Six, whose covert mission to eliminate a terrorist leader in Afghanistan goes awry when they uncover a US citizen working with the terrorists. 

The storyline shifts between the events of the original mission in 2014, and present day.

The series captures the inside world of one of America's elite special operation units,  including the  operatives' personal lives, and  the life-and-death decisions they make to protect and serve their country.

Six, which premieres on History stars  Walter Goggins, Barry Sloane, Kyle Schmid, Juan Pablo Raba, Edwin Hodge and Dominic Adams.

One of the consultants on the series is retired Navy Seal  Mitchell Hall, who also consults for various entertainment, athletic and defense companies.

Hall joined the  US Navy in 1990 at aged 18. His 21 year career saw him deployed to numerous war locations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. 

He is a veteran of four national campaigns, and a Silver Star recipient, the third highest combat medal to be awarded to a service personnel.

A personal story of Hall's was even used in the film. Act of Valor. He later served as a technical and stunt adviser for two other Hollywood movies.

In a phone interview from San Diego, California, Hall said: ''I came on board when the co-creators [William and David Broyles] approached me based on my work on  Zero Dark Thirty  and   Lone Survivor.''

Six might  sound similar on an earlier TV series called  The Unit  [2006-2009] that revolved around another elite group of soldiers called Delta Force.

Hall said much has changed since  The Unit  was aired and many of the missions undertaken by the Navy Seals have become front page news in recent times.

Hall said the filmmakers tend to stereotype the  SEALs  and portray them as  'superheroes'. Filmmakers also tend to take many liberties with their subject matter.

Hall said he shared his own military experiences with the co-creators of Six. 

''We sat down for days and I told the stories. I let them get into the mindset on how these guys think and how they do certain things. At the end of the day, these operators are normal guys.''

When asked if he has ever had to draw a line, Hall said: ''I think what makes me good at this particular job is that I am good at finding that balance.

''What I would usually do, if I found something inauthentic or offensive, is that i would ask the writers what is the intent of that particular scene. We would then reverse engineer it and come up with an authentic version.''

He said that since the writers have never gone through any of those experiences,it helps to clarify things for them.

''I had a very solid career that I am proud of. I want us to do a good storytelling. I didn't pull any punches. The one thing that I don't reveal is tactics, techniques and procedures. There are enemies [out there] who might use that against us.''

On how these soldiers deal with civilian life, Hall explained : ''When we get deployed a buffer is created. Our Families will not know our day-today operation.

''One of things we learned since 9-11, is that you really have to take care of the family and home life, because if that falls apart, the operator will fall apart shortly afterwards.''

He said that of the family life is stable, the operator will be able to carry out his mission successfully. 

On what he hopes viewers take away with them when they watch Six, Hall said: 

''I want them to appreciate the impossible balance between a home life and the operational life.

''These men go  back to be fathers and husbands, and then go back to the battlefield and do impossible stuff.''  

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