Headline February 11, 2017/ ''' QUIZ -QUILLS- QUIZ '''


IN  *PROUD GREAT*  ASIA, I had the honour to meet some very splendid Parents, and by and large,  some very kind and very beautiful, and very sensitive mothers.

*My son,'' they would never tire of telling  me, and then adding,  'and for that matter, my very beautiful daughter,'  has taken somewhat after- 

The World's  honour :  ''Dr. Allama Iqbal, Dr. Einstein, Dr. Madame Curie. Margaret Thatcher, Dr. Angela Merkel, Mohindas Ghandhi, Mohammed Ali Jinnah-

O''Captain Imran Khan, Thomas Jefferson, President Bill Clinton, Olivier Wendell Holmes, Dr. Stephen Hawking. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs''

And  demented  that I am, I always ended up wondering, what exactly are Quills made of, and for what precise purpose:  -Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Dee, Eman, Haanyia, Merium ??? 

Hussain, Faizan, Shahzaib, Haider, Hassan, Mustafa, Zain, Salar, Bilal, Jordan, Toby/China, Vishnu/India, Reza/Canada, Danyial/UK, Ibrahim, Tahir Hussain,  and on and on we go........????  


And by Default Setting,
These flowery and proud parents would extend :  *He and she is right up there at LUMS, GIK, IBA, Oxford, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge, Imperial College of Sciences, New South Wales, Shanghai University, and on and on we go.  

1.  What is antisense technology?

a.  A way of blocking the action of genes.
b.  A way of jamming radio signals in battlefield conditions.
c.  A way of enhancing radio [or other electronic] signals by adding noise to them.

2.  What was invented by in 1839 by Sir William Grove?

a.  The harmonium.
b.  The fuel cell.
c.  The electric telegraph.

3.  Name two women who have had  chemicals elements named after them?

4.  Like people in other professions, scientists need standards. Where is their standard kilogram kept?

a.  In Leuven, Belgium.
b.  In Sevres, France.
c.  In Lausanne, Switzerland.

5.  Disraeli famously claimed that there were three kinds of untruth: lies, damned lies, and statistics. 
But who said,''If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment?''

a.  Lord Kelvin.
b.  Lord Rutherford.
c.  Lord Keynes.

6.  What is the drake equation?

a.  The formula that predicts the height of an ocean wave for any given wind-speed and fetch.
b.  An attempt to calculate the likelihood of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the Galaxy.
c.  a way to estimate the energy output of a star.

7.  What is a soliton?

a.  Greek-speak for a hacker who works alone.
b.  A special type of wave that is useful in  optical communication.
c.  A hypothetical subatomic particle.

8.  According to the United Nations, how many land mines are buried around the world?

a.  55 million.
b.  110 million.
c.  220 million.

9.  Science is overburdened with confusing acronyms, some of which are duplicated. Which of the following is not a legitimate translation of ''ATP''?

a.  Advanced Technology Programme.
b.  Adensine tri-phodphaate.
c.  Asynchronous transition protocol.

10. What is Clovis?

a.  The Concatenated Laser-Optical VISualising system, used for switching packets of data in  fibre-optic-telephone networks.
b.  A submersible oyster-farm in Scotland.
c.  The site of the oldest known human artefacts in the USA.

11. A Robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Whose law of Robotics is this?

a.  Arthur C. Clark.
b.  Issac Asimov.
c.  Alan Turing.

12. In What did the poet William Blake see a world?

a.  A hive of bees.
b.  A wild flower.
c.  A grain of sand.

13. Where is the Kirkwood Gap?

a.  In the rings of Jupiter.
b.  In the asteroid belt.
c.  In the Carpathian mountain range on the moon.

14. A dokwera, a karakdosura and shishina, are:

a.  Types of gun used by medieval Chinese soldiers;
b.  Types of armour used in ancient Assyria;
c.  Types of arrow used by South American hunt-gatherers.

15. El Nino [The Boy], a temporary warm current in the pacific ocean, is a well known climatic troublemaker. But what id La Nina?

a.  A temporary current that cools the Pacific in the same place as El Nino warms it.
b.  The nickname of Isabella Lorca y Murcia, a Spanish molecular biologist who won a  Nobel Prize for medicine.
c.   A Peruvian Volcano

16. What do the cities of  Kamioka in Japan and  Baksan in the Republic of Georgia have in common.

a.  They are both good places to study  Permo/Triassic boundary [a point in the fossil record when 90% of animal species become extinct].
b.  They have both hoisted meetings of Pugwash, a group of Pacifist scientists.
c.  Both have nearby detectors for neutrinos   -subatomic articles so elusive that such detectors must be located deep under ground to screen out other forms of radiation.

With most loving and respectful dedication to all the Parents, Students, Professors an Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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