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Even though, Proud Pakistan  is the first fleeting conceptual host,  America leads with leaps  and bounds, to the  great honour and privilege of America's founding fathers. 

!WOW!   -the World Students Society stands-up to give the great nation of America, Students, Professors and Teachers a  standing ovation. 

Students Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Saima, Sarah,  Eman/LUMS,  to ensure that President Donald J Trump is informed. 

Although, for all I know of America, the National Security Agency would be briefing the President on regular basis,  about !WOW!'s sterling work

And then you all just hear and consider this: Why  !WOW!'s  2011 Ecosystem matters so much now:

The Great Icon of American style is the  Cowboy............. 

HISTORICALLY, America's elite was far different from the British Aristocracy:

In America,  gentlemen would forego  peacockery  and  powdered wigs, instead dressing simply, emphasising cleanliness, physical fitness, and restrained colours, which were the main attributes-

Of the style revolution usually credited to the  London Dandy  Beau Brummel a few years later.

America's great fashion influences were the  horseman and the working man. Strong, masculine, competent.

You could say that America work clothes embodied our sensibility: durable, plain, improvisational and very, very practical.

The great icon of American style is the cowboy  -an exotic concoction of Native American , Caballero, Buffalo soldier and redneck. His look showed what he did for living-

But also that he was freelance,  an itinerant adventurer.

The prefect combination of   ten-gallon hat, vest chaps, jeans and boots made him a Knight without commission,  and his gear, relaxed in attitude but inspired by action, set the style for American working men, from farmers and cattlemen to construction workers and wildcatters.

America went on to invent all manner of  action-oriented attire : dungarees, or jeans, denim shirts, chinos, jump suits, sweat shirts {then sweatsuits], sneakers and all sorts of clothes derived athletic and military gear.        

Orwell and Democrats
But Democrats shouldn't feel too smug about Trump's fluency in Newspeak

The Obama administration did its best to conceal that the National Security Agency  is listening to our electronic communications-

*An eerie parallel to the surveillance described in 1984* 

And it was President Clinton who brought the country to a constitutional climax by claiming that the truth of his testimony regarding  ''that woman'' depended   ''on what the meaning of the word  'is'  'is'  and Orwellian clarification if there ever was one.   

Besides, Orwell wasn't writing about a particular party. 

Although he was inspired by full-scale  abuses in the  Soviet Union, Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany,  he was also borrowing from the methods of communication control he had witnessed in Britain.

He was describing, in other words, the basic function of power, the tendency of leaders and governments   -from ''Conservatives to Anarchists'' to cement their authority by controlling our language and by extension our thought and behaviour.

Like most people who still pick up a newspaper in their yard every morning, i first read  1984  in school, long before 1984.

i can remember worrying about how much of what Orwell described might come true by that year.

But as a teenager, what frightened me most was those horrible torture scenes, particularly the unspeakable threat of the  rat mask that eventually breaks Winston Winston's will.

Only later did I start to appreciate the real profundity of  Orwell's insights, laid out so succinctly in his  1946  essay :  ''Politics and the English Language.''

In that brilliant critique, Orwell casts  the blame  for   political corruption widely, and he insists that we all bear a responsibility to resist it by thinking and especially by writing more clearly.

''One ought to recognise,'' he wrote  ''that the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and that one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.''

There's a patriotic challenge you won't hear coming from Washington no matter which party is in power.

Fortunately, we're not living under the  dystopian terror    that Orwell described in 1984.  Our new Leader is not the manufactured icon of a supreme state, states Ron Charles.

He's a  supernova   of  insecurities,  tweeting out his insults and threats in increasingly perplexed citizen who still    -for the moment, at least   -enjoy the right to object in whatever language they choose. 

And then, and then, Hannyia, and Merium, one area where America clearly leads the world is  Fatness   -tipping the scales heavier than any country in the world, even those Pacific islands where they grow linemen for American Football.

The average world inhabitant is  10 pounds to 15 pounds   slimmer.

*!WOW!  can only predict a fashion version of the  jumpsuit to emerge soon, perhaps with exterior handles for assistance in vehicle loading and unloading*.

Why are Americans afraid of travelling abroad?  Well, clearly there are foreigners out there. And Americans may feel targeted because it's so easy to identify them.

But many Americans get passed by.  if  it's just  because  they are  not wearing a  sun visor,  fanny pack, fisherman's vest, cargo pants and walking shoes?

With respectful dedication to the Students of  America. See Ya all with your preparation for  Global Elections  on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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