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*THESE YOUSAFZAIS* :  If you all stroll through the History of Pakistan, and the history of Pathans;  amongst all   'Warrior Pathans' -

Here at the very proud conceptual  hosts of !WOW!,  Pakistan,   nothing matches Yousafzais.

*Prickly and Proud, Tenacious and  Formidable, Freedom Voiced  and Hardworking, Honest and Sacrificing,  they have always honoured their country's every line of Defense*. 

*Malala Yusafzai*, is just one great example. 

There are many, many more that I will be writing about in the days ahead. Those Yousafzais who stood-up for humanity, peace, justice and equity.    

So, sadly and alarmingly,  *as the great nation of America begins circling its wagons*,  Malala Yousafzai  [Noble Prize]   raised her  voice for the refugees, the downtrodden, the annihilated, the hopeless, the miserable. 

*The World Students Society honours that with great respect*. 

THE TRUTH IS THAT : FOR THE MOST PART, - the *Students*  have been NO different from the  *Elite*-

In strategically and tactically  sitting on the fence, and all the great while, making great merry.

All over the  Developing World, intriguingly, every side blames the society's elite  for every crises and decline. For the  pro-Westerners, the elite are unable and unwilling to spearhead a  European style  'reformation'. and-

For the anti-Westerners the elite's shameless aping of Western culture prevents,   prevents the rightful adoption of say,[in the context of Pakistan] Islam, as the organizing principle of all social and political life.

So who the hell is this elite that everyone seems to caricature and blame at the same time? 

For the pro-Westerners, the elite features a mythical ''jagirdar''  who keeps his rural dependents captive and directly or indirectly employs religion as a tool to inculcate fear and parochialism and thereby impede the spread of a scientific worldview in society.

For the anti-Westerns, the elite is highly urbanized, partakes of a heathen lifestyle and enjoys the patronage of anti-Islam foreign powers.

The second narrative is far more destructive than the first but both are equally vague and rhetorical, cautions this master researcher.    

Even within Muslim societies,  sadly, communities have burnt each other's libraries because of sectarian divisions, considering much of them as 'heresy. 

No longer is this possible, unless  God forbid, there is a disaster of epic proportions. Even in such an eventuality not all will be lost as much of the knowledge is now being stored in virtual space, which may be preservable forever.

Just the other day, states the researcher, I was told by someone that his office data was in the  'clouds'; I am struggling to understand what this means, but I have come to know that this is now very common in most societies.

In a  Knowledge Society,  knowledge and information are the basis of human development, opportunity, progress and innovation.

In order to thrive in a knowledge society, one needs to be well equipped for the changing nature of knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and habits that require the development of multiple talents.

Today, it's quiet common to change one's profession many times, which is called a  mid-career change, and go for more lucrative professions where there are rising opportunities.

What this means is that the traditional idea of having a degree is confined to bygone days, and that today,  unless one continues to become a lifelong learner, it is difficult to sustain a job, let alone make a career..

Therefore, in modern societies and markets, the possession of wide-ranging skills is very, very essential.

A 2005 UN report on  Knowledge Society  indicates many areas that need urgent attention.

Some of these include preservation of local cultural heritage and languages,  increasing participation of women in knowledge production, and advancement of the spirit of critical thinking and innovation.

The implications of these recommendations are especially relevant to the field of education and cultural promotion. 

Education policies, curricula, teacher education and  production of children's learning materials should be guided by the imperatives of a Knowledge Society.

For promoting  cultural diversity,  local cultures must be celebrated to create further richness of human expressions and experiences,  which, in turn, can strengthen a  Knowledge Society.
In a Knowledge Society, we need to be not just consumers of knowledge, but its producers  as well.

So to sum, in the very final analysis, being pro-West or anti-West is totally besides the point. 

What the world truly needs  are states that are pro-Students and pro-People and Pro-Humans. *That I reckon to surmise would be a great change*.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' !Justice For All! '''

Good Night and God Bless

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