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IN THE NEXT TEN DAYS  - ALL PROBLEMS  relating to the  *visa status* of International Students studying in Malaysia would be solved, and the period of approval shortened.

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Malaysia, is one very, very beautiful country, and its people kind, gracious, hospitable, and very much at peace with themselves and the world at large. .
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Malaysia is among five countries most accurate in identifying realities, says  Ipsos survey.

*The 2016  Index of Ignorance*   produced by the consultancy group, includes information from  27, 250 interviews of people aged  16 to 64 carried out between September and November.

The survey took in population from 40 countries, with between 500 and 1,000 people surveyed in each.
Despite Malaysia doing fairly well in discerning perception from reality on key universal issues, the-

''Perils of Perception''  survey found Malaysians to be among the worst in telling apart reality from perception in several issues like home ownership and healthcare expenditure.
*On health spending, the Malaysians thought they spend nine times as much as they actually did on their health.

''We think that we spend  37%  of our total  GDP on health expenditure when in fact we only spend 4%. If our guess was right, this would be the equivalent of an extra  RM 350 billion spending on health,'' Ipsos said in a statement accompanying the survey, 

Malaysians not that ignorant!, writes Aieza Fadzell


2.  China
3.  Taiwan 
4.  South Africa.
5.  US
6.  Brazil
7.  Thailand.
8.  Singapore.
9.  Turkey

10. Indonesia
11. Mexico
12. Canada
13. Montenegro
14. Russia
15. Serbia
16. Philippines
17. Hong Kong
18. Israel
19. Denmark
20. Argentina.

21. France
22. Vietnam
23. Peru
24. Spain 
25. Chile
26. Hungary
27. Japan
28. Belgium
29. Poland.
30. Colombia.

31. Sweden
32. Norway
33. Italy
34. Germany
35. Australia
36. Malaysia
37. Czech Republic 
38. South Korea.
39. Great Britain
40. Netherlands -[MOST ACCURATE]

Surprisingly, Malaysia's neighbors  in squeaky clean Singapore and Thailand were among the least accurate, taking the 7th and 8th positions in the :  ''Index of Ignorance''.

Indonesia and the Philippines scored slightly better in the survey at number 10th and 16th respectively. 

On how many Malaysians owning homes, IPSOS found that most of the respondents felt that only 44%  of Malaysians own homes, when actually more than half of the country's  30 plus million  population are homeowners.

''Most countries tend to massively underestimate how many households are owners or are buying their own home.

We think just  49%  of people own or are buying their home, when in fact 68% are owner-occupiers across these countries,'' the report said.  

Malaysians were also found to be among the top 10  most pessimistic countries. 

''We think our fellow Malaysians are much more miserable than surveys of happiness show. We guess that only 44% of Malaysians would say they are very or rather happy, when actually 96% say they are, in a recent representative survey,'' the report said.

Malaysians wee also found to be the most ignorant about its population number. While in most cases people were within  5%  of the actual figure, less than  1%  of Malaysians knew that the country's actual population is 30 to 33 million.

India receives the dubious honor of being   the most inaccurate  in their perceptions on these issues with China and the US also rather high on the list. 

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