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AT THE THRESHOLD OF A NEW YEAR, it is normal for us to be in a contemplative mood. It is time of the year-

When we tend to primarily reflect on health, wealth, career, relationship based on the overarching theme of seeking ''happiness''.

Interestingly, if we were to  examine the resolutions we make as a result of this  self-reflection, we will find that it is fundamentally connected to our wellbeing.

While some of our resolutions may seem unrelated to our health, for example, to instill the habit to save-money, the reality is there is always a connection, states the author researcher, R Kamalakaran

In the  *alternative healing circle*  it is widely recognised that every aspect of our life is connected to our wellbeing:

A state of unease  [dis-ease], in any aspect of our life can manifest as health issues whether on the physical, mental or emotional level.

As our resolutions are more often than not focused on aspects of our life that challenge us or that we desire improvement or change, we can be assured that pursuing our intentions or goals for the year, is improving one or more of the four aspects:

.- Physical
.- Mental
.- Emotional
.- Spiritual.
to our wellbeing.

In the spirit of making resolutions, we have honed in on a few common ones to offer insights, tips and advice.
As one of the most popular resolutions to be made every year, achieving an ideal body is more than following just any diet and exercise regime.

Whether one is looking to  lose or gain weight or simply focused on maintaining a healthy body, the key is to understand  your digestive system.

According to Dr. CD Siby, a chief  *ayurvedic physician:
'Each one of has a particular digestive system based on our body's constitution  -erratic,, normal, high or weak.
Perfecting our digestive system is the best way to regulate weight and maintain health.''

To improve our digestion, Siby offers the following advice.

1.Eat only when hungry:
Average hunger is a sign of healthy digestive system. It indicates that the food we have consumed is digested. When we don't feel hungry, it means that the food hasn't been digested.

If we eat when we are not hungry, the food doesn't get digested for a long time and when it stays in the stomach, it leads to
-putrefaction, which causes acidity, gastric conditions, ulcers, polyps and constipation.

In the long run, it can lead to chronic conditions  like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and obesity.

2. Eat only  *half=1/2*   of your stomach's capacity:
Divide the stomach into four parts  -two parts for solid food, one part water and and keep the last quarter empty. This is to aid digestion, which should ideally take about two hours after food consumption.

It is fine if there is little bit of hunger. It is a sign that digestion is strong and healthy.

3. Fresh food is best:
As much as possible, go for freshly cooked and prepared food, which gets digested faster.

4. Keep it simple and light:
Try not to have too many different foods in one meal  i.e three types of ,meats. If you're having oats, refrain from adding five different nuts and fruits to the bowl. It takes longer to digest. Keep your meals simple and light.

5. Know what you eat and how it affects your digestion.
It is more than whether it has protein, cabs, vitamins and minerals. For example, if you're having two slices of bread with jam and butter, does it take a long time to get digested?

If you have weak digestion, the best food you can have is something that is easily digested.

6. Have water with food:
Water aids in digestion. It is not necessary to drink a a lot of water but preferably have warm water. 

Those who want to lose weight should drink before the meal. To maintain weight, drink during the meal.

To maintain weight, drink during the meal and if you want to gain weight, drink after.

7. Exercise every day, in moderation:
Exercise helps to regulate our digestive system So whether it's erratic, high or weak, with regular exercise, it will lead to improved digestion.

All we need is to exercise in moderation.

So, if your body;s capacity is to run on the tread mill, the 5.5 km at a 5 degree incline for an hour  -then all you need is half of that, which means just half an hour every day.

There's no exercise that's good or bad. The only important thing is to practice moderation because like the insufficient exercise has its effect on the body or so does excessive exercise in the long run.

8. Take 100 steps:
In addition to daily exercise, it is recommended to do some light walking, just 100 steps after every meal to help with the digestion.

9. Proper sleep:
Going to bed at the right time is important for digestion. The reason people duffer from stomach problem like acidity, gastric, bloating and such is because they sleep late.

Sleeping and waking up early is important because there are certain enzymes that are released from the brain between 10pm and if we wake up by 6am that is connected to the digestion.

*A Very Happy New Year! And With Every Prayer And Wish!*

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