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CHIEF IMAM UZTAZ  Hj Hazarudin Bin Hj Baharudin, Tanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque in Putrajaya, KL, Malaysia, makes a great point:

''We train Hajjis for months and still they come back with blank faces. We need something like this where our words can be given the visual backing while teaching them''.

His Excellency Dr. Osama bin Fadi AI Bar, Honorable Mayor of Makkah defines another crucial reality:
*The simulator will not be a luxury but a necessity*.

The Content
The content is the heart of the entire project. Engaging the services of the celebrated photographer  Omar Faruk Aksoy, the simulator features seemingly realistic visuals.

Omar is renowned for many documentaries on Hajj which he had filmed and photographed for the National Geography Channel, BBC, Discovery Channel and  iMax  to name a few.

Omar together with Nasir and Faisal took many trips to Mecca to take photos of all the buildings as well as the textures. 

''Interestingly we had  the buildings up even before they were physically up,'' adds a smiling Faisal, referring to the fact that some of the buildings are till undergoing construction.

With so many photos and textures which were then translated into the animation software, it was important that the system was fully optimised

''We had to pay careful attention to this aspect as we needed  the entire graphics to be optimised or it would have taken up too much space and would probably not work effectively.

We also had to ensure that we did not compromise on the quality at the same time. Our graphics team had to work overtime to help us achieve what we needed and they did an admirable job.''

The end result was the ability to show the animation in full 4K resolution with smooth flicker less interactivity.

looking ahead Axon 313 realised the potential for the simulator to attract attention from different parts of the world. 

Thus from the beginning if they also ensured that the content in terms of of the words in the graphics as well the voice over could easily be adapted to different languages, different school of thoughts, without  much hassle. 

''We even have the ability to change the movement and if necessary the dressing of the characters within the animation to accommodate the practices of people from different parts of the world,'' said Faisal. 

This would take not more than a month depending on the complexity to accomplish.

Currently trainers can use the  keyboard  keys to manipulate the Avatar character in relation to the interactivity aspect of the simulator. However, Axon 313 is already working on a joystick for easier manipulation.

The Business Aspect
Axon 313 has two options for potential users to consider. Then Axon Hajj Training Simulator could be based as a mobile rental or as a fixed installation.

The company makes it a point to supply the simulator as a total solution. Thus Axon 313 would supply the following components:

.- The Axon Engine which comprises of the Image Generator and Simulation system.

.-  4K/8K WUXGA projectors with dual lamp with 300 feet long fiber optics.
DVI cables for two units of projectors.

.-  Complete 1000 watts per channel sound system with 2 Shure cordless microphones, a Mixer and two speakers with stand.

.-  Portable Curved Screen [Optional] and 

.-  AHTS Software.

The above components can manage a maximum screen size of 40 ft wide and 16 ft high screen with the minimum screen size being 18 ft by 6.2 ft.

If necessary the system components can be upgraded to mange an 120 ft wide and 48 ft high  screen.

The Simulator is indeed an interesting concept that has been turned into a reality. Axon 313 expects that there will be interest and in fact has started to demonstrate the product to Mosque leaders as well as System Integrators.

''The simulator is a novel idea as it will help those who want to perform the Hajj to be well prepared. But more than that I also think the simulator could be a tool to help inter-religious understanding.''

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